Seasonless pieces in the #DrawnByRichaKashelkar collection to layer up for the winter or wear as is

Seasonless pieces in the #DrawnByRichaKashelkar collection to layer up for the winter or wear as is

It’s officially the “let’s layer” season as winter sets in. And amidst the cold winds, if you are looking for warmth with a dash of chic and style, Drawn’s vibrant, unapologetic collection is the way to go! 

Drawn’s latest collection from the #TheArtistEdit, inspired by the work of Richa Kashelkar, houses 6 exquisite silhouettes, embodying the ‘It’ girl vibe. The splash of blue and dashes of bright red, yellow, and green make them the perfect choice for the gloomy winters. A mix of earthy neutrals beautifully complemented with unexpected pops of eye-catching colours, the collection is a total stunner. Screaming comfort and a relaxed fit, it’s all you need.

Be it the Maya/Illusion On/Off Shoulder Maxi Dress with puffed sleeves and versatile neckline that can be adorned any way you like or the Passengers of the Realm Cocktail shirt with long sleeves, buttoned cuffs, and dropped shoulders, you may layer them up or wear as it. Not to forget the ‘Passengers of the realm’ Maxi Dress, an elegant, feather-light silhouette that may be worn alone or layered for winter. 

Based on the thought: We are but passengers of this realm, meeting each other for a while or staying alongside for long, but passengers nevertheless, the silhouettes are as unique as the individuals adorning them. You will surely be drawn in by the outfits’ breezy, vibrant attitude. With this limited-edition collection from Drawn, explore the abstractness in Richa’s artwork and discover what it means to you!


About Drawn: With a vision that combines art and garments to offer collectible and wearable art to every customer, Drawn thrives on achieving a personal connect with the art ‘drawn’ as prints on the garments. This ingenious brand recognises art that can be transported to clothing, developing an aesthetic that adds a little colour to everyday dressing. Drawn aims to present easy-to-wear, high-quality, stand-out pieces that don’t break the bank.

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