Palyad Devika Daftardar xclusive Interview with Pictures

Palyad Devika Daftardar xclusive Interview with Pictures

I would love to play a loved as well as revered character like Jijabai”


In this exclusive interview with DEVIKA DAFTARDAR, she tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that she does not like to play negative roles at all but she does not mind playinhg roles with grey shades

 What exactly is your role in the film Palyad?

The role that I have played in the film Palyad is essentially that of a housewife in a family which survives by doing the last rites of the villagers after their deaths by way of tradition. The lady, who stays with her father in law and her son after the death of her husband, is determined to educate her son and see to it that he does not follow the family tradition and continue with the tradition of lighting the pyre and doing the rituals for the villagers. The film has a positive message but then every positive end also has a tragedy.

Can you elucidate?

The film Palyad sets out to showcase the story of a small boy named Shambhu and the dreams that float in his mother’s eyes. Even though the situation is dire, Shambhu’s mother wants her son to study and become a doctor and treat people’s minds and bodies.

Tell me something about the director?

It is the debut film of the director Shailesh Bhimrao Dupare who has earlier made several short films in his career. The best thing about the film which is to some extent loud because the genre demands it is that all the people in various departments have been hand chosen by Shailesh Dupare and appointed to handle the various departments, be it cinematography or choreography or for that matter the actors

How would you rate Shashank Shende as an actor?

It helps you if you are an actor and are lucky to get an opportunity to work with a seasoned actor like Shahshank Shende who is also a good director

How would you analyze the way your career has progressed over the years?

I am really proud to state that I am a proud discovery of director Sunitra Bhave. Till date, as an actress, after making my debut with the late Sumitra Tai as the director, in the film Devrai, eighteen years ago, in 2004 to be precise, I have completed over 20 films in Marathi but in most of the films in which I have acted till date, I have essayed the character of deglamorized village lady. I would also say that I have grown as a human being too, because you take a lot from the culture that you stay in.

What did you learn from Sumitraji?

I remember Sumitratai used to ask me to focus on my role always and always improve myself not only as an actor but also as a human being,

What is your approach to your roles?

Every character that you play actually leaves you with some thing or the other and each and e very character that I have played till date has also enriched me and also made me stronger. I make it a point to mug up the script that I am provided by studying it thoroughly after it is handed over to ne at least fifteen days in advance

To what extent could you identify with the character of the mother that you played in Palyad?

In real life, I also happen to be the mother of a seven year old young daughter and hence I could play the character of the mother effectively. It helped me that I also stay in a metropolitan city like Pune.

It is strange that though you are a versatile actor on your own merit, till date you have not been saddled with a negative role as such!

You are 100 per cent right but then that is only because I do not like to play negative roles at all and not because I have not been offered any negative role till date.

That is because each and every person does have a negative trait within him or her. I have said no to play negative roles when I am offered though I am ready to play roles which have grey shades

Is there any role which you have not yet been offered but you would love to lay your hands on as an actress?

I have not done even a single historical or fantasy character till date though I would love to play a loved as well as revered character like Jijabai. I hope someone who reads this comes forward to offer me the role of Jijabai

Do you have any aversion to acting in films in Hindi? Why is it that you have not acted in even one single film in Hindi till date?

I really wonder why I was never offered any project in Hindi till date though I have been part of the film Unlock Zindagi directed by Aadesh Shukla, who has also acted in it.  I have also acted in a web series in Hindi called Sab Ka Sai that was streamed on MX Player, in which actor Raj Arjun plays the role of Saibaba. I played a character, blessed by Saibaba in the web series

What is your biggest regret today as an actor?

My biggest regret today is that though we have good audience which is ready to back us if we provide them with good content, still the audiences is not being attracted to towards the theatres

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