Jyo Das gives you the 411 on adding beaded jewellery in your everyday outfits 

Jyo Das gives you the 411 on adding beaded jewellery in your everyday outfits 

Handmade fashion accessories that catch the eye and capture the heart, JYODAS brings you a revolutionary way to incorporate accessories into your ensembles. From scintillating gems to beaded layers of opulence, make these the statement of your outfits to stand out from the crowd. From hearty florals to abstract prints, the headbands, bracelets, and necklaces are for the bold, confident individual who expresses herself through her blings.

Crafty Bracelets

Crafted in a spectrum of vibrant beads, the bracelets of JYO DAS take the analogous colour schemes to shine through with its gradient beads. With petalled motifs and dangling layered detailed with glistening gemstones, these kadas complement any vibrant look! Perfect for festive wear and the upcoming bridal season.

Pleasant Clutches and Bag

What is better to experiment with an accessory than having a statement clutch? With three different designs, each in a different aesthetic, the hand-embroidered, beaded clutches by JYO DAS bring the nostalgic mosaic patterns, encapsulating them in a string of beaded wonder. In hues of blacks, crimson and sage green shades, there is something for everyone at JYO DAS!


Flirty Headbands

Reach out to your feminine side and style yourself with these crafty yet classy headbands. Enhance the look of your hairstyles with the beaded wonders of these headgear in shades of navy blue, red and neutrals. Make it a crowning glory with embellished crystals and hand-embroidered beads.

Mesmerising Necklaces

By far the most promising set of them all. Abstract necklaces that shine layers of beads hanging to sway with your every move, it is the elegance of asymmetrical necklaces that will amplify your fashion quotient. Being sure-fire conversation starters, take your pick from funky beach vibes to browns and ochres that speak of sophistication. 

Enhanced Earrings

While every woman has many pairs of earrings in his vanity, it will be rare to find pairs like these danglers. Reflecting beauty through its luminescent surface, earrings by JYODAS are a must-have sartorial complement for all your looks, be it an official 9am meeting, or a cocktail party thereafter. 

About JYO DAS: Founded in the year 2017 by Jyoti Das, JYO DAS is a fashion label that elevates the way we perceive fashion to be more than just a garment, all the while creating it through rooted traditions of sustainable handicrafts. With modern silhouettes combined with heritage, JYO DAS aims to always bring something meaningful for the wearer and the artisan. 

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