Aftab Admits To Killing Shraddha, Dumping Body Parts In Jungle In Polygraph Test: Sources

Aftab Admits To Killing Shraddha, Dumping Body Parts In Jungle In Polygraph Test:


Shraddha Murder Case: In a big breakthrough in the case, the accused Aftab has accepted that he killed Shraddha Walkar in the Polygraph test.

Sources tell that Aftab has also admitted to dumping the body parts of Sharddha in the jungle after the murder and that he had planned to kill her long back. Aftab also accepted having made physical relations with many girls.

Sources have also informed that Aftab admitted to killing Shraddha on May 18 and that he brought her to Delhi from Mumbai with the intention of killing her.

When asked if he regrets killing Shraddha, Aftab said ‘no.’ He also said that he did not inform Shraddha’s family about the murder or anything after killing her.

Earlier, the polygraph test conducted could not get completed due to his ill health. During the interrogation, the accused was asked more than 50 questions regarding the relationship with the deceased. At present, Aftab is lodged in Tihar Jail under judicial custody. The police have three days’ time to conduct all the tests which will help them gather information on the evidence.

Aftab’s Narco Test

After the polygraph test, the narco test of accused Aftab can also be done this week. According to sources, on the basis of Aftab’s answers and the evidence found, the Delhi Police has prepared a long list of 70 questions for the narco test. However, the complete report of the polygraph test is yet to come. Hence, it is speculated that the narco test may take some more time.

Aftab was arrested on November 12 and sent to five-day police custody, which was further extended by five days on November 17. Last week, he was sent to four more days of police custody.

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