Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia emerges as One of the Strongest contestants in Bigg Boss

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia emerges as One of the Strongest contestants in Bigg Boss

Making it count each day is no small feat and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia has done it with her heart, soul and mind. Her game plan in the house has definitely worked in her favour. Nimrit has been very clear about who to be friends with. While she has remained cordial with most of them, she has always made it clear that she won’t fake a friendship for the sake of the game.

The actress has often been applauded for being strong-headed and opinionated during the tasks, which she executes giving 100% commitment

Nimrit has a huge fan base which genuinely showers love and support to her.  As She has been constantly targeted in the house by a few contestants, which has made her look positive on the viewers’ radar, with each passing day.

On Weekend Ka Vaar episodes she found herself in the middle of grilling by host Salman Khan, however she rose like a phoenix from the ashes and remained Calm and poised.

If we analyse this season carefully, she is one of the contestants who has not only proved her mettle, but won hearts of fellow contestants who chose not to  nominate her despite having  difference of opinion with many of them, which she vocally expresses.

If we see the voting trend, Nimrit is constantly on the top with the highest percentage of votes,  which is continuously growing due to her large fan base.

During any tasks or household chores, or any discussion/ argument, Nimrit has proved to be a strong headed, opinionated contestant, who has proved that she can play Solo without premeditated supporting contestant unlike many couple Jodi’s. She has always displayed her individual stand on all issues inside the house.

As per the trend through the years, since the inception of Bigg Boss, contestants like her not only deserve but have finally been bestowed with the honour to pose with the trophy.

Not only fans, even celebrities and ex-Bigg Boss contestants feel that she will bag the coveted trophy this season. Wishing her all the Best !!

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