Riaan and Rahyl Deshmukh Make their Birthdays Special for others by Dedicating their gifts to ImPaCCT Foundation

Riaan and Rahyl Deshmukh Make their Birthdays Special for others by Dedicating their gifts to ImPaCCT Foundation

ImPaCCT Foundation”, short for “Improving Paediatric Cancer Care and Treatment”, is the Paediatric Foundation of Tata Memorial hospital. It was established in October 2010 to ensure that every child with cancer coming to Tata Memorial Hospital, receives treatment and other support regardless of the family background. It is the ray of hope that all parents of cancer fighting kids seek and what makes their day, sometimes even their lives.

Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh, have been supporting this cause constantly and donate their time to ImPaCCT Foundation. Today, their boys, Riaan and Rahyl have joined in by choosing to give up their gifts towards ImPaCCT Foundation, for the care and treatment of cancer fighting kids.

ImpaCCT Foundation feels that the pain of seeing kids suffer through something that you can’t control or make better, is the biggest pain any parent can ever go through. Thousands of children are diagnosed with cancer each day and have either no means to fight it or do not see a way how to. ImPaCCT Foundation comes in as a savior to hold hands of such bereaved souls and give them the best chance to come out successful in the hardest fight ever. They are forever grateful to individuals who help those in need. Genelia and Riteish have always been supportive and have given so much in these years in terms of donations, smiles, memories and now the boys are contributing as well and it’s just really nice.

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