The Burger Company – Neelam Singh

The Burger Company – Neelam Singh

Founded by Neelam Singh in 2019, The Burger Company is one of the fastest growing
modern casual dining chain of cafes that exists to delight passionate American cuisine
lovers. TBC Offers a unique Desi twist to American cuisine that every Indian can relate to.
The Burger Company, India is marching towards 100+ opened stores by the end of 2022 and
will be India’s largest homegrown burger brand by Dec 2023.
TBC finds its ethos deep rooted in the food diversity of India. Being a homegrown brand,
TBC caters to the masses with its different and unique flavours. By experimenting with
myriad regional flavours,the brand positioned itself as a trend setter in the Indian Food
industry with its scrumptious offerings.
Neelam Singh who hails from Agra had always envisioned herself as a foodpreneur even
when she was working in corporate, post her MBA.
Disappointed by the dearth of quality burger chains in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities, she decided to
foray into male-dominated QSR industry with a 2- fold approach of driving innovation and
delivery in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities & in the hindsight, to inspire more womenpreneurs in the
F&B Industry.
The passion to build a homegrown burger brand was so strong that Neelam defied all odds.
Knee-jerk opposition from family, financial hardships, survival anxiety & bouts of self doubt,
Neelam braved it all with determination and started out from the food court of an IT company
in Gurugram. Her belief in her vision translated to another success story when the first outlet
opened in Palam Vihar. Today the brand is 65+ outlets strong with a dynamic market
Penetrating the male dominated QSR & F&B Industry is no mean feat but Neelam ain’t a
quitter. She is constantly expanding the brand & working rigorously towards positioning TBC
as one of India’s leading homegrown Burger brands.
Aided by her husband, Nitesh, the duo plans to further expand into the hospitality industry
with their other ventures

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