Arun Mandola: I have many role models in my life

Arun Mandola: I have many role models in my life

Actor Arun Mandola says that it would be impossible for him to pinpoint one role model in his life. The actor adds that he has found inspiration from different people at different times in his life.

“I have many role models in my life – My first lesson is from Buddha. I remember when I was in 9th grade, I was not in that position to make the right decision but yes my focus was 100% clear that I want to be an actor. I knew my family wouldn’t allow it as I had lots of family responsibilities. And so I had no choice but to kill my ambitions and dreams. Once I was listening to some speech and this person was saying ‘Aatma Deepo Jyotir Bhava’ and then he described that Buddha saying  ‘Listen your soul Voice, ask questions from your soul and you will get the answers’. This Buddha Mantra changed my life and today I am an actor,” he says.

He adds, “My father has always shared Ramayana and Acharya Chanakya stories in my childhood and those stories helped me so much later. He would explain to me about how Ravan had an ego and that’s why he was killed.”

Arun says that there are many people around him as well who he has sought inspiration from. “There are a lot of things I learned from people who surround me. My friends, enemies, relatives. I picked good lessons from all of them and applied them in my life so I cannot say I have a single role model in my life. I live in India where legends are born so I have lots of role models in my life, including my parents,” he says.

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