Please find attached pictures and the BTS of Actress Donal Bisht performancing a intense scenes from her recent shoe Tu Zakhm Hai.

Please find attached pictures and the BTS of Actress Donal Bisht performancing a intense scenes from her recent shoe Tu Zakhm Hai.

Talented actress and model Donal Bisht is popularly known for the roles of Sharanya in Ek Deewaana Tha show.Donal Bisht was an emerging star of the Indian television industry and received a lot of love from the audiences for all her shows. Her work choices thereafter prove that she is trying to reinvent herself and the first step towards it came with her recent web series Tu Zakhm Hai, co-starring Gashmeer Mahajani.The fashionable icon Donal Bisht has given her power- packed performance in her forthcoming show Tu Zakhm Hai that options her within the function of a psychologist. 

Donal Bisht shared her experiences about how she held her breath underwater, suffered bruises and facing her water fear and how physically and emotionally difficult for her on the units of Tu Zakhm Hai show.

“While performing these intense scenes, Donal Bisht says,” Definitely it was very scaring for me to do this scene because I have never done this before and I don’t know swimming first, and this which was on my waist (Body rig) was weighted around 20kgs, which was very heavy 22-25kg and plus with that falling backwards I was very sacred whether I will drown with that heavy body rig  because I don’t know swimming but thankfully that person quickly  jump into to save me and plus the outfit was  also very heavy so if I removed the body rig and because of water my dress become heavier because it soak the water  so much and dress weight become around 100kgs, so they cannot pull me up, So they have given me the chair to stand there only to check the take whether they wants to repeat the scene or not.

Donal also concluded, after that I keep in mind there was a scene where I needed to be within the water and maintain my breath. I do not know how to swim and in addition, due to the gown I used to carry, I used to be floating. So folks needed to push me down and maintain me for like three to 4 minutes and in addition, I needed to maintain my breath. Since I am not a swimmer, I didn’t know the way to maintain my breath for this long. That was very tough for me doing this bodily. However I am an actor and I really like my job. Possibly that’s why I used to be capable of doing all that, And having the strength and doing it without the body double and normally actors don’t do it if they don’t know certain things but I think I want to experience all forms of  adventures in my life so I took it and did it. And actors themselves do it; It’s become easier for the director also or for the shows or film to take the shots. And I am very grateful to god and  happy that my hard work is paying me off with all the love and appreciation I am getting from my audiences and receiving the awards for my performances in Tu Zakhm Hai and it’s making me work harder and never let down my audiences and i Can’t thank enough to my fans for showering so much love to my character Kavya,”Talented & Gorgeous “Tu Zakhm Hai” star @donalbisht is already impressing audiences with her acting skills in the webseries. & here is a #bts of her always up for adventurers scenes too !! We can definitely see her hard work & her spirit to excel. We hope she is fine & gaining lot of love from audience ❤️ Always want to see her more & more 😇🌟 #donalbisht #therisingstar

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