NEW LAUNCH | Fixderma introduces three new uniquely formulated body lotions under Fidelia range

Fixderma introduces three new uniquely formulated body lotions under Fidelia range

The changing climate around us does have a direct impact on our skin making it dull and under nourished which results to flaky and inflamed skin. During such times, it becomes essential for one to take a few extra steps to protect skin and retain moisture. Just like sunscreen need to be applied every single day, come monsoons or winters, body lotions, too, are a skincare essential that should be applied every day, especially during winters.

But there is a lotion for every skin type. Commonly, people end up using a light weight body lotion during summer and monsoon, and a thick, heavy lotion during winters. But every skin type needs a different kind of body lotion to nourish the skin in the right way. Echoing the same sentiment, Fixderma, a leading cosmeceutical brand has recently launched three variants of body lotions for 3 most unidentified and ignored skin types under its popular Fidelia range- Daily moisture body lotion, nourishing body lotion and hydrating body lotion.

Here’s everything you need to know about these unique lotions:

Fidelia Hydrating Body Lotion

It is a skin-hydrating and soothing body lotion, which is specifically crafted for very dry, itchy, irritated, and scaly skin. This body lotion is recommended by dermatologists as it helps replenish the natural moisture barrier and boost the skin’s healing function. Enriched with avocado oil and willow bark extract, this pH-balanced body lotion calms itchiness, soothes flakiness, and is best for eczema and atopic dermatitis.

Price: Rs. 685 /-

Product link:

Fidelia Nourishing Body Lotion

It is an expert-recommended nourishing body lotion, to give your dry, flaky and sensitive skin a surge of moisture. With a pH-balanced formulation of 5.5, this lightweight, quickly absorbing body lotion deeply hydrates and soothes hypersensitive skin by sealing in moisture. It is infused with skin-replenishing and soothing ingredients such as RetiSTAR and Aloe vera, which minimize the early signs of aging and rejuvenate flaky skin.

Price: Rs. 725 /-

Product link:

Fidelia Daily Moisture Body Lotion

An all-day deep nourishing and skin-soothing body lotion, Fidelia, is a daily moisturizing body lotion specifically formulated for normal to dry skin. With a pH-balanced formulation of 5.5, this lightweight, quickly absorbing body lotion leaves skin feeling moisturized, soft, and smooth without feeling greasy. It is infused with skin-hydrating ingredients such as oatmeal and mango butter that seal in moisture and protect skin from environmental damage.

Price: Rs. 575 /-

Product link:

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