Guide to keep your long distance relationship blues at bay with MyMuse

Guide to keep your long distance relationship blues at bay with MyMuse

Plan your perfect Virtual Date with your PartnerWhile a great connection starts with a few dates in your nearby cafe and slipping love notes in each other’s bags, there comes an inevitable period of the dreaded long distance. Whether it is a case of two different cities or miles apart, it can get tough to keep the spark alive. However, MyMuse is here to give you a heads-up to create a long-distance survival kit, so you never miss out on the love that lasts through a distance.


Spread the Joy: Relax with Spark Candles

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and the same holds for the days you decide for a midnight video call. Set the mood for a wholesome, emotional connection with your partner by lighting a few Spark candles. Spread the love through a pleasant bed stand interior to calm your senses and relax after a long, distant day. The Mood Setter Kit is perfect for the days you just wish to unwind with your partner for a good night’s sleep over the screen.  


Glow & Grow Together: The Glow Relaxing Oil
A virtual date that is perfect as a Sunday self-care, show you bodies some love with the Glow Relaxing Oil before a shower. A great way to prep your skin to rejuvenate while you chit chat with your significant other, couple this quality time of self-massaging with a brunch date post-shower. A perfect destresser, Glow relaxing Oil is infused with patchouli cedarwood to calm the mind and relax the body, making it an ideal companion for both of you to hydrate on a daily basis and make it easy for a sensual play session.  


Breeze ‘n Beat: The Spicy Virtual Combo

MyMuse knows that physical intimacy takes a backburner when it comes to long distance. Thus, communicate your individual experiences with Breeze and Beat. A combination to help you understand yourself and your pleasure points, take notes as you patiently wait to meet your partner. You can also work on showing a demo if things get heated up!

Breeze, a suction massager with upto 10 different speed settings helps her relax the tense muscles and enhance her pleasure with the right pump. Beat, an ergonomically inclined stroker for him, is a power house of pleasure that adjusts to your rhythm. Pair these up, and you’ve got yourself a memorable virtual date planned ahead.

About MyMuse: MyMuse is a bold and playful brand that is creating high-quality-designed products for your intimate spaces. Sex is a natural (and amazing) part of life and the brand is all about celebrating and elevating the bedroom experience, with beautifully designed products that are discreet, body-safe, and oh-so-pleasurableAnushka and Sahil Gupta’s mission is to change the way Indians approach intimacy– as individuals, and as a society.

Please find attached the brand profile, founder profile, and images for your reference. To know more about MyMuse, request you to visit:
Website | Instagram

To that end, we look forward to working with you closely to seed features in upcoming sexual wellness stories. Also, we would love toexplore the possibility of an interview for Anushka and Sahil Gupta. They would love to share insights across the board, from being a young entrepreneur to the challenges and perks of building a sexual wellness brand, business strategies, and their entrepreneurial journey so far.

Please feel free to reach out should you have any queries; and I will be in touch with you to follow up on this email.

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