Studio Palasa introduces their Festive Edit ‘The Logam Collection’

Studio Palasa introduces their Festive Edit ‘The Logam Collection’

With the on-going festive season, Studio Palasa introduces their Festive Edit ‘The Logam Collection’ to create a festive statement in your home.

The Logam Collection elicits a sense of quietude, making use of customary techniques while drawing a sense of elegance and grace with a twist of modern minimalism.

The Logam collection celebrates the elegance of the metal element with clean linear lines and intricate curves. This collection is made of black metal which was anciently used in toys and jewelry making process, giving it its most distinguishable feature. Coming right out of the forges and handcrafted by skilled artisans’ with a minimal approach to design, the Logam collection can be wielded as a planter to adorn your plants as well as a vase to place your florals during the festive season.

Helmed by brother-sister duo Prinston and Preine, Studio Palasa celebrates the siblings’ passion for nature and design. The brand which started out with an idea of using design and plants to creatively enhance spaces, has grown into a full fledged commitment of using plants and planters both indoors and outdoors to enhance the overall well being of a person or a company.

Besides their remarkable planters, the team at Studio Palasa also offers garden and space makeovers with a promise to make them green and serene.

Price: INR 1500 onwards

About Studio Palasa:

Studio Palasa has a team of skilled artisans that manufactures and individually hand-paints gorgeous planters of varying sizes and materials that can be found at the store. From large fiberglass floor planters and sleek planters with metal stands to miniature concrete planters and striking spherical metal planters, every home or office can be brought alive by the Studio Palasa collection.

In today’s times, there’s nothing more valuable than a joyful space where one can rejuvenate and connect with the outdoors even while being inside. Studio Palasa’s entire collection of planters and home decor accents serves as a perfect inspiration for what that space could look like.

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