Raj Thackeray unveils the spectacular trailer launch of the web series  ‘Athang’ 

Scary palace… Tulsi Vrindavan outside the palace… Black dolls hanging from the tree… Mysterious surroundings and a ghost…. Are you wondering, what kind of scenario is this? This thrilling scene was set up for the grand trailer launch of ‘Athang’. The trailer launch ceremony of the web series ‘Athang’ directed by Jayant Pawar was held with a bang recently. At this ceremony, all the artists re-created the 1800s in traditional dress. This spectacular ceremony was concluded in the presence of MNS President Raj Thackeray and many dignitaries from Marathi cinema including senior actor Ashok Saraf, director Abhijit Panse, Siddharth Jadhav, Saili Sanjeev, Shreya Bugde were present in this ceremony. On this occasion producer Tejaswini Pandit also staged a chat concert with Raj Thackeray. On this occasion, Raj Thackeray’s love for art could also be known to the attendees.

At this time, Raj Thackeray said about his love for art, “I came into politics by accident. My real inclination was towards the field of art. Basically I am a movie buff. So I rarely watch web series. But I will definitely watch ‘Athang’. Portraying the old times on screen is quite a challenge. But you have accepted this challenge and presented a great piece of art.

Producer Tejaswini Pandit says, “Through this web series, I am making my debut in the field of production. The journey from artist to producer was very interesting. As an artist there is not much responsibility but as a producer there is responsibility right from writing Shri Ganesha on paper till the time your work is displayed in fact. I am thankful to Akshay Bardapurkar for believing in us. Today is a very special day for me. It was a dream for me to become a producer and it is coming true today on the occasion of Athang.

Says Akshay Bardapurkar, Founder, Head of Planet Marathi, “Many of Planet Marathi’s films have won national awards today. We always strive to provide the best content to the audience. The web series ‘Athang’ is one of them.

The trailer shows the scenic Konkan, the mysterious castle there and many secrets hidden in that castle, and the last question that adds more suspense. At the end of the trailer, a small boy asks the question, “What is mother Alwat?” Now what is the relationship between Sardeshmukh’s family and that Alwat, will be revealed only after watching ‘Athang’. This six-episode web series full of thrills and mystery will be released on Planet Marathi OTT on November 25

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