Los Angeles-based brand, Lashkaraa is all about simplicity and chic designs

Los Angeles-based brand, Lashkaraa is all about simplicity and chic designs

There is something so enticing about simplicity. It draws you towards it, engulfs you, and never leaves you. The little nuances start to make all the difference, bringing to life a poetry that truly

transcends hearts. The same can be said about Lashkaraa, a Los Angeles-based fashion brand, conceptualised and concocted by Sumeer Kaur.

Traditional Indian fashion attracts fashion entrepreneurs and designers from around the world. So does the minimalist, modern fashion. But to be able to marry the two in a beautiful symphony is something that Lashkaraa has successfully managed to do. Embodying the girl vibes with grace and elegance, ensembles from Lashkaraa scream chic. They define chic in all aspects, whether it’s the design, fabric, draping, or colour palette. Crafted by some of the finest Indian handicraft artisans, the beauty of these ensembles lies in the intricacy of thought and design.


Simple detailing like the embellishment on the blouse, double layered fabrics, pearly beards at the blouse hem, and netted straps aesthetically complement the otherwise simple outfits. And the best part? You can dress them up or dress them down instantaneously with statement jewellery pieces and footwear. Made from the finest textiles like Georgette, Organza, Silk, Chiffon, and more, Lashkaraa ensembles are a must-have in your wardrobe, especially if you want to adorn something that will stand out amidst the others at one glance!

Lashkaraa: Founded in 2014, founder Sumeer Kaur’s vision came to light by curating Indian fashion that is rooted in contemporary style, embodying the spirit of the modern Indian women of today with a hint of tradition. Bringing together an on-trend colour palette, intricate handwork embroidery,10+ high-end textiles, menswear, kidswear, and jewellery – all under one roof, Lashkaraa is all about grace. Lashkaraa enters the Indian market with something that also appeals to the consumer’s aesthetic sense and makes them feel beautiful.

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