Divya Dutta digital covergirl “Perfect Woman” Magazine “I Am Enjoying This Journey Of Being A Writer” says Divya Dutta

“I Am Enjoying This Journey Of Being A Writer” – Divya Dutta

Recipient of multiple prestigious awards for acting that recognise her contribution in the Industry we have Divya Dutta a versatile personality from acting, director, writer and today brilliant author, her stupendous performance in Dhaakad fascinated her fans as always. Here with Perfect Woman she shares her journey so far with her Go Getter attitude…

  • PW, Dr Geet S Thakkar
  • Before this journey began, had you ever thought that Divya Dutta would become ‘The Divya Dutta’?
  • Well yes, I am known as an actor, a writer and an achiever, but still I think there are miles to go, there is always a child like exuberance within me to keep doing new things, to keep doing new roles, to keep being directed by some brilliant directors, to keep rediscovering myself so I think life does surprise you which feel wow this is so lovely so like this year had three realises which was MAA where I played a role from 30 to 65. I think it’s great for any actor to play that kind of range and I have Dhaakad which had negative role and I can’t tell you till now I am receiving calls for that role I played – Rohini & Sheerquorma which is an LGBTQ film and all three are different and I am loving so there’s a lot that I still need to do and believe the journey just got in very interesting.
  • Your experience till now
  • Well my experiences in the industry have been put in a book that I wrote which is called the stars in my sky, it is like a more of gratitude to all the people who made my journey awfully beautiful. I think when you are in a profession you truly love and you really want to be there then everything about it you accept and absorb and take it your side and move ahead. And it’s not like that I have not faced rejections or haven’t seen problems but they seemed little because my passion was very big to do something in the industry to be an actor, to be seen on the big screen and yes I think life is any which ways made of Khatta Meetha experiences and the industry is full of some really nice people.
  • How has been the journey so far? What more you’re looking in life.
  • It’s so amazing that all the creative people come together to make movies and I have met my own clan and my own kind of people and I think my journey has been very unconventional, I started of with multi starrers  romancing hero’s in chiffon sarees which I always wanted to do but then I also wanted to do some significant roles and I think that was my mother’s advice that if you want to be  known as an actor then you accept the roles that are different and do them so well that nobody can, Do something so nicely that people can’t ignore that and they write roles for you and today I think its happening what I started that time I think all the actress are doing it now so it’s been a journey of gratitude, the roles are written for me now I’m doing for very diverse roles and its been nice to be called the star actors, to be called somebody who can do any kind of roles and whose name matters I think its beautiful to look back with gratitude that’s as been my journey, I made my own mistakes I got up  but I fell down again I got up and I love the part and its beautiful when everyone wants to follow the same pattern.
  • What do you like the most about being an actor??           
  • What do I like most as an actor is something I used to be scared of unpredictability of it,  Lots of things actually the stardom of it, the fact that people love you I think it’s a great thing to be admired to be loved, to be recognised, to be force to be recon with ,where people listen to you, they hear  what you have to say, they go and watch you’re movie because they  want to  see what role you  have done now, the excitement of your roles and I like this life, I like this living with deadline, running from one shoot to other or one event to other then having these little patches where you resting it’s a crazy ride and I loved this rollercoaster ride that I have put myself in lots of excitement and the best part it’s make you feel like a child always because you’re always so motivated and so driven.
  • When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? What inspired you to start writing?
  •  I think I have been writing  since I was a kid school magazine, then college magazine every one used to say wo ladki se story zarur likhwalena she writes well and when I become an actor to writing my own Columns which were about people and moments that touched the cord with the readers & then I think my biggest fear of losing my mom came true and I thought I must  celebrate this mother who was such a best friend who unconditionally and stood by me to fulfil my dreams and I want to tell everyone , how parents can be your best friend & I want to write about her ,I want to celebrate her and hence came my first book Me and Maa,  thankfully nobody really thought I was one book wonder they asked me what’s next ,I wrote about movies which  was  my second passion of course after my love for my mother and my second book,  “The stars in my sky” and I got the best author award. I like it and I am enjoying this journey of being a writer.
  • How do you look at your film journey?
  • My forth coming film’s are Ssharmaji Ki Beti directed by Tahira Kashyap ,Nazar Andaaz which is a T-Series film, Umesh Shukla’s Aankh Micholi, Debarked Banerjee’ Tees and Anubhav Sinha’s Abhi to party shuru hui hai, a show with Amazon, an anthology with RSVP and two English projects.
  • What was your thought just before the day your book was about to hit the markets?
  • My thought just before my book hits the market was just like it is, when you know, a film is about to release. You have given it your best shot , you have  worked straight from your heart whatever words ‘I wrote’ came straight from me and I think when you’re as sincere and genuine as straight from the heart, the rest you leave at your readers and your audience and that’s exactly  what happened and I think I got actual love for my first book, I never forget how people have come and hug me for my first book and thank you for reintroducing us to our parents because sometimes we take them for granted.  So I think my mom make a zariya or source for me  spread the love that she had given me and I’m so glad I could different ways.
  • Your Inspiration?
  • What’s my inspiration, Hmmm I think I have said the name so many time,  it’s my mother and all those actors that I have so love to  Mr. Bachchan , Shabana Ji , be it all the directors I have worked with- they,  their lives and their works have been my inspiration.
  • What is the story behind the successful Divya Dutta?
  • Well behind the successful Divya Dutta is a child like women who wanted to be the Divya dutta and she is extremely elated to be what she wanted to be. Behind the successful Divya dutta is her mother who always stood by her. I think you really need that parents who believe in you and henceforth that believe kind of rubs on to you don’t really want let the parent down and I think this really feel nice and behind the successful Divya Dutta is again my crazy passion for my movie’s and what I do and that keeps me going, keeps me experimenting and keeps me driven always.
  • I just love where I am and just that makes me ‘Me’.
  • Where will we see Divya Dutta next?
  • Where you will see me next is the movies I already spoke about but apart from that you would see me expanding my horizons in things I love doing and that even I don’t know but of course I will write.
  • Define Perfect Woman
  • Perfect Woman for me is somebody who is intrinsically happy being who she is Perfect women for me is somebody who is intrinsically happy being who she is
  • Your Message for Perfect Woman Viewers
  • Everyone is perfect in a unique way try to find your perfection and work for your goals.
  • Quick Ones
  • Fav Cuisine
  • Pan Asian
  • Divya’s Favourite Me Time Space
  • My Library
  • Fav Outfit
  • Saree for outing and Pajama for home
  • Fav Destination
  • London and In India there are many but if I have name 1 then for now Kerala
  • One thing That you can’t resist with
  • Delicious Food
  • Lastly your tip for your fans:
  • Do what makes you happy
  • Credits
  • Shoot : Perfect Woman
  • Stylist: @jigisha.dalal
  • Outfit: @souniagohilofficial @pw_pr
  • Earrings: @blingvine @oakpinionpr
  • Bracelet and rings: @rubans.in

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