The saga of ‘Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj’ to be made as a 3D Film

The saga of ‘Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj’ to be made as a 3D Film

Maharashtra is called the land of great sants. Maharashtra, which has the tradition of great sants in the true sense, has preserved the heritage of sants. The spiritual words of the great sants of the Warkari sect have impressed the minds of foreign citizens as well. On one hand millions of Varkaris are preserving the teachings of sants through Vari, on the other hand many foreign citizens are coming and living in India to study the literature and thoughts of these great sants. “Dhyandeve Rachila Paya | Ubharile Devalaya ||” … According to this abhanga, Saint Dnyaneshwar Mauli laid the foundation of the Santrupi building. Sant Dnyaneshwar, who showered love on everyone like a mother, is today known as Mauli all over the world. The story of this Mauli will soon come before the audience in 3D with today’s advanced technology.

Producer Ajay Thakur recently announced his upcoming Marathi film under the banner of V. Patke Films. On this occasion, Mauli’s life journey will be presented to the audience through 3D. Director Sameer Asha Patil, who has always made films on diverse subjects, has been entrusted with the direction of this film. It will be a grand film featuring the leading actors of Marathi. The story-screenplay of this movie is written by Ajay Thakur and Sameer Asha Patil. Producer Ajay Thakur has so far produced films like ‘Taani’, ‘Phuntroo’, ‘Takatak’, ‘Darling’. Sameer Asha Patil has also successfully directed films like ‘Chaurya’, ‘Yantam’, ‘Wagherya’, ‘Darling’.

When it was time to ask God, without asking anything for himself, Shri Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj, who wrote the world prayer in the form of ‘Pasaidan’ for the whole world with a generous heart, became the mother of the entire world. “Alandi He Gaon Punyabhumi Thav | Daivatache Naav Siddheshwar || … According to this abhanga, the village like Alandi became holy due to the residence of Mauli. Mahavishnucha Avatar | Sakha Maza Dnyaneshwar || … In this abhanga, Mauli is called an avatar of Maha Vishnu. Though many producers-directors have tried to present the biography of such Mauli to the audience in their own way, in this film we will see a different look of Mauli and her unique relationship with God. The information about who will be seen in the title role in this film and which actors will be seen opposite them is still under wraps. It is said on behalf of the production house that soon after the announcement of the film, Muhurta and further works will start in full speed.

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