Special Interview-Yash Tonk

Special Interview-Yash Tonk

“I have decided not to do any more work on Television because I have taken a big break from TV”

YASH TONK yells JYOTHI VENKATESH in this exclusive and intimate interview to Mayapuri and bollyy.com that if an actor does not have the capacity, he will vanish, whether it is films or for that matter TV

It is nearly 30 years since you had made your debut as an actor. Strangely you seem to look the same as ever, whether 20 years ago or now when you are in the category of a senior actor in the industry? How do you manage this? Can you say in what way have you grown as an actor over the years?

You may not at all believe it but the fact is that even today, I feel and consider myself like a newcomer. Newcomers have their own unique energy as actors. It does not at all help you to linger over your past as an actor. I love taking on their individual energies but do not like to mimic them as an actor.


The reason is that I do not have any reason at all to crib. Frankly, I am still happy with whatever growth I have had as an actor. I have acted in both films as well as TV shows till date. You should know because I had acted with you. As far as TV shows are concerned, sometimes there are lull periods for you as an actor and also there are times when you are overtly very busy as an actor.

Your wife Gauri is also a very good actor. Why is she not acting in TV serials now?

My wife Gauri is also busy now acting in a TV serial called Kashish which is on air on Colour TV.

In what way has your marriage to Gauri changed you as an actor over the years?

Frankly, I feel that marriage to Gauri has automatically made me more mature. It is actually a great learning process. Having two kids have also given me a gradual personal growth.

What has been your approach to work?

I do not take work seriously though I make it a point to work out seriously every day. I learn at work each and every day as an actor and this keeps me enriched.

How was the experience of acting in the film Haryana?
Basically, I hail from Haryana myself and it was actually like going back to my roots- my soil and its khushboo. The film Haryana was actually shot in Issar where my school is situated. I managed to click my pictures at my school and my old house where I had spent my childhood

What is your role in the film Haryana?

I play the role of the sutradhar in the film. I play the eldest well to do brother among the family of three brothers. I play a character, who is there in all different segments of the film as part of a joint family.

Did you have to undergo any workshop to get your skin into the role in the film Haryana?

To prepare our parts, all the actors had to necessary undergo the exercises as well as take part in the workshops to get the right diction of Haryanvi.

Do you agree to give auditions when you have been for such a long time in the profession as an actor?

People even today ask me to give an audition and I do oblige those who I know want audition from me genuinely, not otherwise.

Why have you never run after any role as an actor?
I always feel that you can just not run after any role. If a role is meant for you it will automatically seek you as an actor. At any given time, of goof work comes, whether it is TV or film, I say yes without any hesitation. I say No point blank if the role is not good or the pay packet isn’t satisfactory.

Are you also acting in any interesting web series as of now?

Yes. I am right now acting in a unique web series called Bounder Nagar which is set in Bounder Nagar in New Delhi which actually supplies bouncers to all the hotels in and around. I play the role of Chiku Pehalwan in the web series which is slated for streaming in MX Players in the month of September this year.

What made you agree to role of Chiku Pehelwan in Bouncer Nagar?

Down the line, I told the producer of the web series Bounder Nagar that it was very good hat he cast me in my role because there is an element of comedy in my role. I enjoy comedy. I do not like restricting myself to similar stereotyped roles because repetition makes you boring as an actor.

Who is your favourite filmmaker as far as Bollywood is concerned?

Till date, I have done as many as 15 films. My last appearance as an actor in a film was way back in 2015 in Jai Ho. I’d love to work under the direction of Raju Hirani

Who is your favourite director as far as TV is concerned?

These days it is sad that directors do not get any importance whereas threw s a time when I had started that directors like Santram were revered.

What is your dream role today?

I want to do a melodramatic or aggressive role in a film today though as far as TV is concerned, I think till date I have essayed all kinds of roles, whether it is a double role or for that matter a triple role. I am of the opinion that the content should be good for an actor though it is something which is not in the hands of an actor. Though actors today take themselves very seriously, very few have the capacity.

Which are your favrite five films of yours?

Kuch To Hai, Ishq Vishq, Kis Se Pyar Karoon, Jai Ho  and the last but not the least Main Aur Mrs Khanna.

What is your best role as far as TV shows are concerned till date?

Just Mohabbat was my debut serial as an actor. I remember you had interviewed me at the press conference. Kahiin Kissi Roz, Karam Apna Apna and Pavitra Bandhan are my three favourite TV serials, though if you ask me what is my best role, I’d say that my role in Kyo Uthe Dil Chod Aaye was very challenging for me as an actor and what’s more; the audiences also liked my role immensely.

Why are you not being seen in any TV role of late? Is it because you are scared that on TV you will become overexposed?

Do you think, as an actor, I am overexposed? It is only if you do not have the capability, you will vanish as an actor.I have decided not to do any more work on Television because I have taken a big break from TV.

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