Review- Good Luck Jerry

Review- Good Luck Jerry

Producers-Aanand L Rai, A. Subaskaran and Mahaveer Jain
Director- Siddharth Sengupta
Star Cast- Jahnvi Kapoor, Mita Vashihst, Deepak Dobrial, Neeraj Sood, Sahil Mehta and Sushant Singh
Genre- Comedy
Platform of Release- OTT Disney Plus Hotstar
Rating- ***
Heart-warmingly Quirky!

The official remake of Tamil movie, Kolamaavu Kolika, set in Punjab, is about a simple and timid girl from a lower middle-class family in Punjab, Jerry (Jahnvi Kapoor) who turns into a drug peddler to make money for her mother’s cancer treatment. Things go haywire when she wants to leave her dangerous job but her family is also unintentionally lured into the business and ultimately all ends well that ends well when it becomes a fight for survival, as Jerry succeeds in outplaying the cops on one side and the thugs on the other.

The laugh riot is replete with way-out situations and kooky characters that are hilarious — Timmy’s trigger-happy sidekick, Jigar (Sahil Mehta), a conceited and loud Rinku (Deepak Dobriyal), who is madly in love with Jerry, an outlandish cocaine distributor, Malik (Saurabh Sachdeva), the druglord, Daler (Sushant Singh), Sarbati and her neighbour, Anil (Neeraj Sood), who has a soft corner for Jahnvi’s mother.

I loved the way Janhvi Kapoor has evolved by way of her performance with every film ofhers till date right from her first- Dhadak. As Jerry, Jahnvi chooses to be a masseuse against her family’s wishes, initially but decides to freelance as a drug supplier when her mother has to be admitted for her cancer operation. She is admirable as an actor when she trembles when there’s bloodshed but on the other hand, she doesn’t flinch from getting someone killed if she feels threatened.

Comedies can sometimes be tricky, as there is just a thin line between being funny and being bizarre. However, Good Luck Jerry manages to successfully strike the right balance in the screenplay as there is a consistent presence of interesting gags all through the narrative. Every sequence featuring Deepak Dobriyal is a riot. In fact, Deepak outwits the actor Yogi Babu who plays his character in the Tamil original while Mita Vashihst is simply too good. Neeraj Sood, though a dispensable character in the plot, is good, as usual. Jaswant Singh Dalal leaves his own impact while Saurabh Sachdeva and Sushant Singh are just over the top in their acting.

To sum up, I’d say that Good Luck Jerry is a laugh riot which will make you hold your stomach and laugh your guts out with its intelligent as well as witty gags almost throughout the film. It is heart-warmingly quirky. If only I had not watched Kolamavu Kokila the Tamil original version of this film on Zee5 with Nayantara in place of Jahnvi Kapoor, just about a week ago, I would have given this film an additional star rating.

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