Reasons why you just cannot miss Sunny Deol’s Salaakhen on Sony MAX2  

Reasons why you just cannot miss Sunny Deol’s Salaakhen on Sony MAX2  

Sunny Deol is not only popular for his herculean strength and power-packed action performances but is also renowned for reinventing the very essence of action heroes. Be it the iconic monologue of ‘Tareeq pe Tareeq’ from Damini or the famous ‘Dhai Kilo Ka Haath’, we have loved Sunny Deol for his versatility and unmatched caliber. Taking the extraordinary legacy forward, his son Rajveer Deol is poised to make his acting debut soon. While we wait to see him cast his magic on screen, Sony MAX2 is all set to reminisce Senior Deol’s action blockbuster Salaakhen on 20th July 8PM. Here are a few things that makes the film all the more gripping: 

A superhit combination of performers: With stars like Sunny Deol, Raveena Tandon, Anupam Kher and Amrish Puri working their magic on screen, who wouldn’t be entertained? 

There’s action, emotion, drama, romance, and multiple plot twists: Vishal (Sunny Deol) seeks vengeance after his father’s death as a result of the corrupt justice system. The twists and turns in this vengeful path are sure to keep viewers hooked to their screens till the very last frame. 

A relatable common man story: The film showcases the tragic story of Vishal’s father that makes it extremely relatable to common people. Whilst this keeps the viewers invested, the intensity builds as the film begins to depict how the justice system can be manipulated by corrupt law officials and influential people.

Killer action sequences: Undoubtedly, Sunny Deol and action sequences are a deadly combo! Vishal (Sunny Deol), our protagonist (or antagonist?) is hellbent on taking revenge on his enemies, and he does so with a bang.

Vishal and Neha’s sizzling romance: When Vishal (Sunny Deol) is not wreaking havoc on his foes, he, and Neha (Raveena Tandon) are wreaking havoc on our hearts with their romance. Their unmatched on-screen chemistry in the film is something that few can replicate today.

~You are now itching to watch Salaakhen, aren’t you? Arrange for some snacks on 20th July 8PM while we put on the movie for you to enjoy on Sony MAX2~

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