3 unique ways to experience this monsoon by engaging in fun activities at home

3 unique ways to experience this monsoon by engaging in fun activities at home

Everyone stays indoors during the monsoon season, even kids who would rather be playing outside are now limited to home. To bring a solution to this problem, Sony YAY! comes to your rescue and shares share some fun activities that the kids can enjoy at home with their friends and create some everlasting memories.

Play Hide and Seek- Oggy and the Cockroaches Style

In kids’ favorite show, Oggy and the Cockroaches, the cockroaches enjoy chasing and teasing Oggy. And this nonstop chase and their funny antiques take young audiences on a rib-tickling joy ride. So how about bringing this chase comedy home this monsoon and playing hide and seek with your friends just the way Oggy and the cockroaches create fun and excitement in your lives.

Camp at home just like Ha.Go.La

Hathgola, Goli and Latha from the show Ha.Go.La are inanimate objects that are friends and always go on adventures and misadventures of a lifetime. It’s always a time filled with fun, excitement, and adventure when we have friends around. So, what better opportunity than revisiting this at your own home this monsoon. Set up a makeshift tent with your friends, make picnic sandwiches, and tell your favorite stories that will help you add some color to this black and white monsoon.

Create an eternal memory with your parents just as Obocchama-Kun

Obocchama is a kid who has a unique take on life. He shares a very endearing relationship with his father who loves him to bits and treats him like a prince. Why not make it a happy monsoon for your parents by organizing a special day in with them, binge watching shows, good food and some fun games. Ssshh! don’t tell them it’s a secret.

Watch your favorite toons this monsoon only on Sony YAY!

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