Vishal Singh on being part of Dhappa: These are the kind of stories people generally don’t tell or share with their friends

Vishal Singh on being part of Dhappa: These are the kind of stories people generally don’t tell or share with their friends

Actor Vishal Singh, who plays the role of Anand in the web series Dhappa, says that he loves being part of a show which showcases a modern take on love and all kinds of relationships. The actor says that he found the storyline of not only his story, but all the stories to be very unique.

 “I’m getting a great response because all the stories are so unique. Of course, the direction was amazing. And people are actually enjoying the show and are somehow trying to relate to the stories. These are the kind of stories people generally don’t tell or share with their friends, but yes, it’s super fun. Every story is unique and we all are getting great responses to it. Especially my story, which is a story about love. I think through the story, we want to normalise this thing as much as possible, how families should accept and love their kids by accepting their choices because it is not that you choose something, it is how you are born. So the whole story gives you a lesson and a message of believing that love is love, no matter with who it is,” he says.

Producer Anil V Kumar was also a major reason for Vishal to take up the show. “ The first reason if you’d ask me why I chose to do the show was truly Anil V Kumar Sir because I started my career in front of him but this was the first time I was getting an opportunity to work with him. I said yes before even listening to the story, but after I got to know about the story, I got even more excited because we were talking about an issue which is very important in today’s time. People keep calling themselves progressive but still when it comes to relationships like these, they are still not very open, there’s no acceptance. So, I thought that if I can be a part of something, even if you end up changing, one person’s mind is going to make a difference for sure,” he says.

He adds, “Working with Anil Kumar sir was a dream, he is actually one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with. He is so experienced, so focused and exactly knows what he wants. Whether you have to do 50 takes or you give him in one take but I think he’s one of the best.”

Meanwhile, the actor says that OTT has helped actors get more work. “OTT has opened up way more opportunities for the actors because there are so many new platforms and there are so many new shows coming up. Of course, we have a lot of television channels also but the only minus point is when you work on TV, it’s generally for a longer period of time. So obviously, when you’re doing one thing, you stay in that show for a long time. On the other hand, when you’re working on OTT, you are finishing your show in one month, two months, six months max and then you’re moving on to another character, which is very good for an actor also because you get to do different characters and the platforms end up making more shows. So, obviously, it creates a lot of opportunities and you get to do brilliant work,” he says.

He adds, “I think there is a small boundary between television, OTT and films. Although television is a huge medium and the reach of television is way bigger than anything else Of course, and that is why all the films and all the shows are being promoted on television but yes, there is a boundary. I have not done TV for the last seven years myself but I think it’s absolutely a different game altogether.”

Talking about the characters that he would like to play in the future, Vishal says, “I think in general, I’ve never played our negative or a grey shade. So, I would love to do that or I would love to play very realistic characters, like someone from a village with an accent, a different dialect. So I would love to play.”

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