Enterprising Nivedita Basu gets felicitated in Delhi!

Enterprising Nivedita Basu gets felicitated in Delhi!

Nivedita Basu who is head of content strategy and business alliances, Atrangii channel and Ott and is a reputed name in the industry was recently felicitated with the Award titled Star content creator of the year 2022 at Indian Blockchain week gala night organised by Lizaa Mallik and  Saurabh Gupta in Delhi. She says, ” It’s always good to be recognized for your hard work. Delhi happens to be my hometown so it was a pleasure to get an award in my own city “. On being asked about her long career journey in the entertainment industry she says, “I started quite early in my career and always believed that hard work is the only investment that never fails. The industry is such that one keeps growing and learning all the time”. On being told that she is an inspiration to many she says with a smile, ” It’s a very encouraging compliment and all I can say is do your best, your very best and do it every day “.

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