Check out these names roped in for the upcoming show, The Inventor Challenge- DEETS INSIDE!

Check out these names roped in for the upcoming show, The Inventor Challenge- DEETS INSIDE!

Colors Infinity always comes up with new and unique conceptualized shows to keep the audience hooked. Now it is coming up with yet another reality show which has a unique concept, The Inventor Challenge. In the show, people from across India, have to just come up with a unique idea to showcase their creativity. They will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to translate from paper to working prototypes with the help of some amazing mentors.

Since its announcement, it has been in the headlines for all good reasons. Now, every good show needs a host who brings more freshness and fierceness to the show. The audience knows about a few details of the show but are still curious about who will be host of the show. Now there are some well-known names that have surfaced which will surely intrigue the audiences. The names include Mona Singh, Mini Mathur, Simone Singh, Balraj Sayal, Sameer Kochar, Saumya Tandon, Karanvir Bohra etc. It will be interesting to see who takes over as host as each of these celebs have their own aura and strong personality which will just surely add-on to the show. The viewers love seeing them as all have done some amazing work and seem fit to host the show.
These names will surely make you very excited for the show, The Inventor Challenge!

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