Channa Mereya actor Pari Gala: OTT surely is doing well, but women in villages, outskirts of cities, still watch TV… daily soaps will always have an audience

Channa Mereya actor Pari Gala: OTT surely is doing well, but women in villages, outskirts of cities, still watch TV… daily soaps will always have an audience

 Pari Gala plays the role of Navneet Cheema in Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik’s ongoing TV show Channa Mereya on Star Bharat. The actor is a Ranbir Kapoor fan and therefore is in love with the title of the show for obvious reasons.
 “It just reminds me of love, emotions, feelings and someone special every time I listen to the song or the title of the show,” she continues, “Mrs Navneet Cheema is an interesting character. Cheemas are one of the leading entrepreneurs in Punjab, as per the story. Though they are millionaires they are very grounded and humble. They love food and Punjabi culture. Talking about myself, well, I’m not a Punjabi, but even I am a foodie, and love the versatile Indian cultures and traditions. Also, I am a total family person like Naveneet.”
Unique storylines always attract the audience and Channa Mereya is one such show. “The story line is really different, it’s about chefs, food and of course there is love. I don’t remember any show in recent times, where the leads are both such good chefs and own a restaurant. So yes, it’s different and interesting since they both are opposite to each other, one loves family and one doesn’t,” she adds.
Channa Mereya has a big ensemble star cast. The best thing about it, according to Pari, is that even though they are known actors, each one of them is very humble.
Sharing her experience of working with the Patnaiks and their production house Beyond Dreams, she says, “I haven’t met them in person yet, but as one of the top producers of the TV industry, I would like to meet and speak with them. I have only heard nice things about them. Honestly, I feel very lucky to work with Yash sir and Mamta ma’am and the entire team of Beyond Dreams.”

About the changes she has seen in the entertainment industry over the years, Pari adds, “It’s been 13 years that I’ve been working in the TV industry and have seen a lot of changes. Be it the costumes, make up, set and everything else has changed a lot.  Even the shooting style and lights have also changed. Few years back there was no social media or rather the hype was not so much. But now if the audience connects and likes your character, they immediately follow you on Instagram. They want to know everything about you. they send gifts, you get brand promotions. So by doing daily soaps you get a huge fan following and also some extra income which was missing in earlier days, and of course there is a lot of trolling too. But every coin has 2 sides so we have to accept compliments as well as criticism. And I am always open to both.”

Daily soaps will always have an audience, no matter what. “Daily soaps play an important part in a housewife’s life. Digital or OTT sure has a lot of audience and good content but women in the villages and in the outskirts of cities still watch TV. Talking about my mother-in-law, she watches almost every show or at least she knows who are the leads and the subject of the show.  For her daily soaps are her daily routine. She feels entertained and even fresh after watching her favourite shows. She doesn’t need anyone else for entertainment,” she adds.

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