Achieve the clean girl look with Nish Hair by Parul Gulati

Nish Hair by Parul Gulati and how you can achieve the clean girl look

Nish hair was started by Parul Gulati in 2017 with the aim to make everyone feel confident, beautiful and empowered from within. Nish Hair offers 100% human hair, hand-selected, stitched to perfection, and extremely long-lasting that is extremely user friendly and completely best friend material. Nish hair has a wide range of hair extensions like wispy bangs, colourful strands, head toppers and luscious long tresses

From wispy bangs to colourful strands, Nish Hair got your back through all the hair affairs!

At least on the exterior, the immaculate girl appears to have her life together.

There is never a middle-parted hair out of place, and her skin looks hydrated and manicured. She has an upscale appearance that is nonetheless approachable. 

Even when you’re not feeling the best, looking the best just instantly uplifts your mood. 

Don’t we all feel like getting our lives together at 2 am? Going that extra mile to make yourself look put together, will always prove right for you! 

Although we’re only going to focus on the clean girl aesthetic, to get the clean girl aesthetic look all you need are stylish hair accessories!

With a few professional pointers thrown in, of course with the help of Nish Hair accessories you can achieve any look and then browse our directory of stylish ponytails.

If your hair is tidy, you can wear it down or in a straightforward braid. We all experience oily or simply horrible hair days, though.

If it’s one of those days, choose a Nish Hair Human hair Donut Scruchie, it comes in different colours so you don’t have to hold back on experimenting! with your hair pulled back 

Start this slicked-back bun by brushing out and taming your greasy, unruly mane.

You can also use Nish Hair Bow Clips, Princess bow and you can also use the Spare Clips for a neat look. After adding accessories you can brush it evenly all over your hair, and voila! You have your clean girl look! 

You can also opt for a neat ponytail with Nish Hair for a quick meeting or a brunch date, with Nish Hair extensions and accessories you can achieve any look. Use the Wavy Faux Ponytail with the Hair tie floral scarf for a more casual yet chic look.  Divide your hair in half and brush each side of it back and that’s all you need to slay the day! 

The Curly Hair Top Knot extensions, Mini Scalp Topper, and Side Bangs can make your hair look simply awesome and updos are fantastic for appearing stylish while keeping cool.

If you wish to keep your hair down but don’t have the dream length and volume? Opt for the Nish Hair Halo extension and you’re good to go.

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