Ruchir Arun’s Ghar Waapsi invites you to a comfort watch with your whole family; here’s why you shouldn’t miss it on Disney+ Hotstar

Ruchir Arun’s Ghar Waapsi invites you to a comfort watch with your whole family; here’s why you shouldn’t miss it on Disney+ Hotstar

When you feel too defeated by the world outside, only one place feels like a cocoon, home. It beckons us for a homecoming to rest our souls and be embraced by the warmth and love of family. It takes you back to having heartfelt conversations with your father, covering up for an annoying sibling and letting your mother caress you to sleep. These slices of life cannot be found elsewhere. They remind us how our family always stick up for us no matter what. Disney+ Hotstar’s latest family comedy, Ghar Waapsi does exactly that as it touches the heart of every viewer with its fun and heartwarming story. The new series follows the tale of Indore-based Dwivedis and their life after the homecoming of their eldest son. Funny, chaotic and wholesome, they give you the right dose of laughter. Here are five reasons you should not miss the Dwivedis when they arrive on Disney+ Hotstar on July 22.

A drama that extends a warm hug

Ghar Waapsi effortlessly takes you on an emotional journey of laughter and family squabbles with its unique, light-hearted tone. The show brings a story of full nesters and their myriad hues as they traverse life as a family of five. The Dwivedi’s take you on a nostalgic journey, reminding you of your old neighbour, favourite eateries, college hangout dens, and much more. 

From the house of celebrated director Ruchir Arun 

The show carries two-time National award-winning director and writer Ruchir Arun’s signature style of capturing the little nuggets of life on screen. Best known for his slice-of-life dramas that depict modern lives and their struggles with a lighthearted story, Ghar Waapsi, see him put on his unique lens as a director. The result is a show that leaves you feeling fuzzy and warm as he paints a simpleton family like the Dwivedis with humour and everyday anecdotes making his creation a comfortable and relatable watch for all. 

A heartwarming show that has something for the whole family 

Ghar Waapsi’s small-town story in the heartland of India offers something for everyone. This is why it is the perfect watch on a Sunday with the whole family. It features the wholesome simplicity and uniqueness of a middle-class Indian family that makes you fall in love with the characters while making you reminisce about your own family. That is a special quality, not every show is capable of evoking. 

Vibha Chibber and Atul Srivastava’s chemistry

Romance has no age, and Atul Srivastava and Vibha Chibber prove this as an on-screen happy-go-lucky husband and a strict teacher wife. They redefine romance and its forms as happy full nesters. Here the language of love is expressed by giving the extra aloo paratha and exchanging gossip during morning walks. Their cute romance as close to retirement adults melts your heart in every scene.

The love-hate dynamics of siblinghood

The sibling trio of the Dwivedi household – Shekhar, Sanjay and Suruchi, prove that the relationship contains sweet and sour moments between siblings. From being protective brothers to being the sister who knows all the family secrets, this show epitomises the pains and gains of siblings in a fun and humorous way with hilarious plot twists.

~Catch this heartwarming slice-of-life family drama by award-winning director Ruchir Arun Now streaming only on Disney+ Hotstar~

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