Independent singer The Rish presents a heartbreak anthem featuring Garima Yagnik for all the lost souls

Independent singer The Rish presents a heartbreak anthem featuring Garima Yagnik for all the lost souls

Music has always played an important role in expressing emotions. When the right beats meet the right lyrics, it could easily leave a person a charm. One such piece of music which has the power to make us recall our past lover and all that we didn’t do to save the relationship is ‘Jab Tu Milne Thi Aayi’, by an independent artist Rishabh Kant AKA The Rish. This song is a heartbreak anthem featuring Garima Yagnik with a pleasing video aesthetic and a nostalgic intro. This song showcases various aspects of Rishabh’s artistry and sounds like never before. As an artist, he greatly appreciates the process and believes that we are constantly evolving and growing.

When asked Artist Rishabh Kant more about what this song represents, he said, “Back in March 2020, when COVID-19 pandemic struck across the world, I had noticed that the majority of couples parted their ways, due to not coping with the distance.

He further added saying, “Keeping that aside, a lot of relationships, in general, don’t last because of just pure miscommunication. I feel like the destiny of a person is held in his tongue and his words, and saying what you really feel can change everything. Failing to do so can lead to a passive feeling of regret, which the song is about.

I am very grateful that I got an opportunity to work with Garima Yagnik and AAKASH to work on this soulful project.” His song was released on the 22nd of July on his official YouTube Channel and all other music streaming platforms.

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