Motion poster release of ‘Takatak 2’

Motion poster release of ‘Takatak 2’

Fans are eagerly waiting for ‘Takatak 2’, the sequel to the Marathi film ‘Takatak’ which took the Marathi box office by storm. The motion poster of ‘Takatak 2’ releasing on August 18, 2022 has now been released. Actors can be seen in the motion poster of ‘Takatak 2’ which was shared with the audience through social media.

The unique motion poster created from the concept of writer-director Milind Kavde is successfully attracting the attention of the fans as well as the entire entertainment world. Within a short period of time after its release, the motion poster of ‘Takatak 2’ has received a lot of likes and it is seen that it has won the favor of the audience. Through ‘Takatak 2’, fans will once again get to experience a fresh storyline. After the success of ‘Takatak’, ‘Takatak 2’ is all set to repeat history. In ‘Takatak 2’ too, as Prathamesh Parab is playing the lead role, the fans will again get to experience the chemistry between the director of famous films and the beloved actor of Marathi fans. Milind Kavde has always tried to convey a social message to the society through his works of art through an interesting plot. This movie is no exception. Despite being an adult comedy, Kavde has expressed the belief that the audience will take the movie to heart just as they understood the meaning of ‘Takatak’ and ‘Takatak 2’ too. The motion poster, which gives a glimpse of what is to be seen in the film, has a lot more to say along with the fun.

Takatak 2 also stars Prathamesh along with Akshay Kelkar, Ajinkya Raut, Bhoomika Kadam, Pranali Bhalerao, Komal Bodkhe, Sushant Divekar, Swapnil Rajashekhar, Kiran Mane, Pankaj Vishnu, Kiran Berad, RJ Mahesh Kale, Smita Dongre and others. Director Milind Kavde has also written the story and screenplay of ‘Takatak 2’. Recognizing the interest of the audience, Kiran Berad and Sanjay Navgire have written dialogues on the occasion. Cinematography is done by Hazrat Sheikh Wali and Background scored by Abhinay Jagtap. Lyricist Jay Atre has written the lyrics for the film and composer Varun Likhte has composed the music. Nilesh Gundale is the executive producer of the film.

The film is presented by Reliance Entertainment Studios in association with Purple Bull Entertainment and produced by Omprakash Bhatt, Reliance Entertainment Studios, Naresh choudhary and Aditya Joshi and directed by Milind Kavde.

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