Maa Laxmi takes away Shree’s powers? Can’t wait to watch what happens next on Sony SAB’s Shubh Laabh

Maa Laxmi takes away Shree’s powers? Can’t wait to watch what happens next on Sony SAB’s Shubh Laabh

Sony SAB’s Shubh Laabh – Aapkey Ghar Mein is keeping its audience hooked with the several twists and turns that the current track has been taking. While the big engagement ceremony may change Vaibhav (Aashay Mishra) and Shreya’s (Tanisha Mehta) destiny forever, Shree has been working her magic trying to turn things around. While she forges plan after plan to reunite her parents, fate has something else in store for her. 

After every attempt of trying to bring Shreya and Vaibhav together, the engagement commences. Shreya takes Abhiraj’s hand, and they exchange the rings, simultaneously Vaibhav and Isha too do the same. Shree witnesses this and her world collapses. She is unable to bring herself to believe that her parents will never be together. She cries and decides to change everything from back in time. She wishes to change everything from her birth, she wishes to reverse everything and never let her parents separate. With this thought, she summons the wheel of time (kaalchakra) and everything freezes in time.

Maa Laxmi is infuriated with this huge act of disobedience. After warning her time and again to not manipulate destiny, Shree has disobeyed her once again. Her meddlesome behavior has angered goddess Laxmi beyond measure and so an ultimate punishment is dictated. Maa Laxmi takes away her powers and tells her that she can never change fate no matter what happens. Shree feels the power leave her body and she is left helpless. When the world around her unfreezes, she watches her parents separate in despair.

Will fate change for poor Shree or will this be a bitter lesson for her?

Chhavvi Pandey, who essays the role of Goddess Laxmi says, “Maa Laxmi has been utterly patient with little Shree, warning her time and again to not meddle with fate and destiny. What is written in one’s destiny no one can change. But Shree crossed her limits this time around trying to reverse the past. And this behaviour has caused her to lose her powers. The upcoming episodes are filled with emotions and twists, and I hope the audience can take away a subtle message the show is trying to convey.”

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