“Jhooti Si” another release on Def Jam India by Harjas Haryaaji and Rishi Roy 

 “Jhooti Si” another release on Def Jam India by Harjas Haryaaji and Rishi Roy 

Harjas Harjaayi, a well-known name in the Indian Hip-Hop Scene, has released his debut single with Def Jam India, titled “Jhooti Si”. The song was written in collaboration with Rishi Roy, a singer, songwriter, and composer from Delhi. The song highlights how a heart learns to love despite all the hatred, darkness, and the truth of embracing someone at their worst.

This song has a fresh soundscape for the younger audience that is distinctive from hip-hop and past Def Jam India releases. “Jhooti Si” delves into the worlds of PoP and R&B music, making it diverse and high.

The song has a beautiful introduction that encapsulates the melancholy sentiments. The song is a heartfelt portrayal of mistruths and brutal realities. It also sheds light on unhealthy relationships and how difficult it is to remove the blinders and perceive the relationship for what it is.

From his critically acclaimed quirky and humorous verses in “Bandi Rona” to his successful hits like “Shaamien” with King. He began rapping when he was 15 years old. Harjas’ variety and range of voice set him apart from his peers. In the blink of an eye, he can go from a dark, raspy tone to a lovely harmony line. People have gravitated to his deep tonality in his voice and emotional sensitivity.

Harjas Harjaayi said of his debut release with Def Jam India, “It is such a huge opportunity for me to be associated with a pioneer label like Def Jam India, something that I have always looked forward to.” Working with the team and Rishi Roy, with whom I have previously collaborated, has been an incredible experience. I’m quite devoted to this song, and I hope the fans appreciate and enjoy it as much as I do.”

“When I heard that Harjas and I were doing a song together again, that too, with Def Jam India, I was extremely excited and overjoyed. I believe that many people will be able to connect to this song since it talks about love, its difficulties, and the lessons we acquire while in love. “I can’t wait for the fans to hear this song,” said Rishi Roy.

Harjas and Rishi have previously collaborated on a lot of successful tracks. The duo is back, this time with the iconic hip-hop label Def Jam India, which will surely steal your eyes.

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