Perneet Chauhan on being part of Channa Mereya: The show has a unique feel to it

Perneet Chauhan on being part of Channa Mereya: The show has a unique feel to it

Actress Perneet Chauhan, who is part of Yash and Mamta Patnaik’s show Channa Mereya, says that she loves being part of the show. The actress plays the role of a young mother and says that she loves the relationship she shares on-screen with her son.

“The words which come to my mind as soon as I hear the title is a profound love story, and soulmate. I am playing the protagonist’s mother in the flashback version of the show. My character died when the protagonist was just a little boy. She was a warm loving person who never showed what she was going through within herself. I think I’m different in that sense, I am emotionally expressive.  The show has a unique feel to it. The relationship between the protagonist and his mother is so heartwarming,” she says.

Channa Mereya has a big ensemble star cast and Perneet is waiting to work with everyone. “As of now I have only worked with little Aditya. He’s a sweet kid. Looking forward to working with the others too. This is my first time working with Yash sir and Mamta Ma’am. I’m very excited and am looking forward to it. I have met them once many years back, they are both very sweet, humble and approachable,” she says.

The actress says that the audiences have evolved and they want to see different content. “I think our audiences have also evolved with time. They want to see human relationships in different forms and that’s what Channa Mereya promises to deliver. – The industry has changed immensely. The competition is tremendous, there is a lot of performance pressure now. The pros are that there are many production houses that have plunged into the industry to make good content. I think our audiences need a story they can go to every day. That’s what daily soaps give them. They live the stories with us. It’s personal for them. That’s the relationship audiences have with daily soaps,” she says.

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