Hrishikesh Pandey: In the summers, you need to wear clothes which are soothing to your eyes!

Hrishikesh Pandey: In the summers, you need to wear clothes which are soothing to your eyes!

Actor Hrishikesh Pandey says that he is very particular about the fabrics he chooses for the summers. The actor says that he tries to make sure to choose the thinnest fabrics for the summer.

“In the summers, you need to wear clothes which are soothing to your eyes. You need to be in clothes made from thin material, soft material, which is soothing,” he says.

He adds, “As it is very hot. And as you all know, in the heat, you can’t wear thick clothes. Like, even t-shirts, which have been made with thicker material than usual are impossible to wear. You can’t tolerate it on your skin. So, yes, I have been buying cotton clothes, especially linen shirts, and the material, which is very, very thin and very soft material, which you can like to wear anytime not in the heat, even at night. As far as footwear goes, you feel like being in slip-ons because they are very comfortable, instead of wearing shoes.”

A recent incident has also made Hrishikesh realise that he needs to be more careful about what he wears in public. “Recently, I realised that it’s important to not repeat your clothes in public. I did that recently and it was all over the media. There was this jacket that I wore maybe in 2000, sometimes. And then I wore it again in 2005. And then again in 2011-12 or something. And now, three years back, people noticed and when like I have repeated four times! And I was like, ‘Wow! People notice so much of what you are wearing!’ I found it really funny,” he says.

He has been shopping a lot as well, says the actor. “I am shopping for different kinds of funky and colourful footwear, whether it’s shoes, slip-ons for the rainy season. I’m always equipped because I love the rain. When it rains, if I’m not shooting, then I prefer to go out. I don’t only like watching the rain, I like to go in the rain and get wet. I love it. Also, during the monsoon, I like to travel to the mountains,” he says.

Talking about his skincare regime, he adds, “I need to be very careful because my skin is very sensitive. I have to be always prepared with sunblock, even during the rains. Without that, I can’t leave. I have also altered my diet and have been taking fruits and juices. You don’t feel like eating so much in the summers, so these things help. Guys are as invested in skincare as girls are and we also focus on moisturising and toning.”

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