Accessorizing The Metaverse With Roma Narsinghani’s Wearable NFTs

Accessorizing The Metaverse With Roma Narsinghani’s Wearable NFTs

Simply put, wearable NFTs are pieces of virtual clothing or digital accessories like dresses, shirts, jeans, sunglasses or bags that you can use to dress-up your avatar in a virtual world. Joining the race in the metaverse is Roma Narsinghani, the artisanal jewellery designer. Capitalising first on the jewellery space in the metaverse, her wearable NFT collection would comprise of 8 designs taken from the Gaia collection that she launched for the virtual Helsinki Fashion Week in 2020.  

The collection was inspired by introspection, self-analysing and self-observation of the designer and speaks of a journey that goes from chaos and clutter to a space of heightened consciousness. Narsinghani works with architectural designs and structural accents that have served as an eternal muse for the jewellery designer. With this showcase in the metaverse, the sustainable jewellery designer also fulfils her commitment to minimal wastage involved in the sampling process while saving on resources and optimising production. It also reduces the carbon footprint of the team, as there is no need to physically travel to gather materials.

With the help of the MMO multi-verse Digital Village, Narsinghani jumps onto the NFT trend that is blurring the lines between reality and imagination. Whether you’re shopping in the metaverse or playing a video game, you can now do it in a Roma Narsinghani necklace in space. 

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