The moment you find your angel partner, get Married! There is no right or wrong age to get married : Manish Naggdev

The moment you find your angel partner, get Married! There is no right or wrong age to get married : Manish Naggdev

Actor Manish Naggdev has decided to exchange rings with his partner, Malika Juneja who works as an HR manager at a sundowner party in Goa on June 8th. Speaking more about the D day Manish says, “I am so looking forward to this day. Every day Malika and I are shopping and enjoy every moment with each other. This time is precious. I am super excited as after a very long time family members and close friends are meeting for our engagement. Covid has scared us and due to that people actually need a reason to go out. And we gave them the reason.” (Smiles)
Manish has decided to wear a stylish tuxedo for his engagement, “I am very particular about my clothes, I love wearing good and comfortable clothes and I have been appreciated for my good fashion sense. So I feel a good, well-fitted tuxedo will be an apt choice.”

Manish also shares his love for Goa. He adds, “I love Goa. I have been there millions of times, we wanted to spend an entire day with our closed ones on our big day so we booked a resort in Goa. We are hoping to have a great time with all of our guests which will be loaded with good food and drinks.” Manish met  Malika through a common friend. Speaking about Malika’s good qualities he says, “She is brutally honest, caring and loving and her company is the most special one.”

Manish and Malika have shown some great patience as the duo has to wait a lot to get engaged. “The gap was total because of Covid. But we both stayed thick during that time, being in a long-distance relationship we both stood by each other during all our tough and good times. The wait was worth a while.” But does he feel that this is a bit late to get settled in life?

Manish says, “The moment you find your angel partner, get Married! There is no right or wrong age to get married.” On the engagement day, Manish and Malika are expecting Kamya Punjabi, Divyanka Tripathi, Vivek Dahiya, Shiny Doshi, Aparna Dixit, Ankit Gupta, Karav V Grover, Sudeep Sahir, Ruslan Mumtaz, Adaa Khan as their guests.

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