Sleep is very important: Anuj Sachdeva on his workout routine

Sleep is very important: Anuj Sachdeva on his workout routine

Actor Anuj Sachdeva, who was recently seen in “Woh Toh Hai Albelaa”, is a fitness enthusiast. He often posts pic on social media from his workout sessions or doing yoga. While he is a regular at the gym, he feels that people should give their bodies time to recover too.

“I go to the gym six days a week, and one day I take off. Even when I’m shooting I try to take out time. I believe that sleep is very important as the body needs to recover. So, if I’m not able to sleep, I prefer not to go to the gym. I rather do my yoga, which is just to stretch and some asanas as it helps to start my day better,” he said.

The actor confessed that he is a morning person and prefers to go to the gym in the morning. However, he added, “It’s only when I have a yoga class that I go to the gym in the evening. I believe going to the gym in the morning just winds up the whole day and I am free in the evening. But when I am busy with a project or I am out of the city I go to the gym whenever I have time.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and a nationwide lockdown was announced while many were gorging, Anuj was still doing his workouts regularly. He said, “I got these pallets (*not sure I got it right, please confirm*) which help to exercise with your body weight at home. Then I got something to do pull-ups and also ordered dumbbells online. So, I managed to do my workout regularly at home. I made sure that I spent one hour at least in the evening during the lockdown to workout and follow my routine. I also started following those videos which give you tips on how to work out at home without much equipment, and then I started doing yoga regularly every day. And that helped me a lot actually alongside my workout routine. I was more regular during the lockdown.”

He also agreed that people should understand their bodies and workout accordingly. “There are some people whose metabolism is very high and they don’t need to workout so much because their body rather drains energy. But if your body has gone to a state where you think you need to lose weight then I think you should do cardio consistently. So a lot depends on the body type, and they need to workout according to it. Also, I believe the diet matters a lot.”

“It’s 40 percent your sleep, 30 percent your workout and 30 percent your food intake. I believe sleep and food intake should be given more importance for your body to recover faster. Workout is just a way to break your muscles and you can do it without even going to the gym. You can do some sports or add something to your daily routine, even swimming would also burn your calories. The important thing is to eat right,” he added.

Anuj also shared that many gym goers forget to stretch after their workout session, and stressed that it’s quite important for a healthy body. “The one mistake that a lot of people make in the gym that even I have done is that they do not stretch. You need to do your warm-up before starting and you need to stretch after your workout. If you don’t do stretching, maybe at that time you might not feel it to be a big deal, but with age, it will start giving you more trouble and then you would realize that these issues happened because of not stretching. So my suggestion is post-workout you do stretch for 10-15 minutes,” he said.

So what is your motivation to go to the gym? “My motivation is the self-confidence that you gain when you look good. I think it’s always inspiring, and you keep pushing yourself to do better because with age and time your body wouldn’t stay the way that it is now. I have seen a lot of people who try doing the best way possible to keep themselves in shape, and they have inspired me a lot. I even follow them on Instagram. I think now it is not about just picking up a heavyweight. It’s more about being in shape, more about your core muscles being stronger,” Anuj concluded.

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