Jaihind Kumar: Whatever is happening on social media in today’s time, Escaype Live highlights just that

Jaihind Kumar: Whatever is happening on social media in today’s time, Escaype Live highlights just that

Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Escaype Live is a hard-hitting web series that mirrors the general obsession with social media, and highlights both the good and bad. Jaihind Kumar, who plays the father of Dance Rani (Aadya Sharma), one of the successful online stars in the show, says that he liked the concept the first time he got a narration.
 “Everyone around me is on social media, and I am also on it from time to time. There are so many making videos, vlogs and creating a variety of content all the time. They are only involved in doing this and have no other work. At times it feels like they are wasting their time,” he says. Social media has made it very easy to get fame and money. While some find it good, others feel this trend is harmful for society. Also, content creators at times don’t have it easy as it involves a lot of struggle as well.

 “We cannot easily boycott and neglect anything. Due to social media, it has happened that many people have got quick fame and have also started to earn a living, which is good in these times. IBut the difficulty is that people are crossing their limits and doing anything and everything, sometimes things that are dirty and harmful, to become famous,” he adds. Jaihind feels there is a thin line between what is acceptable and where one must draw the line on social media. One should behave responsibly and be ethical as well. Escaype Live is a social thriller. It’s a genre that is not much explored and the concept is also new.  “Escape live is quite different from all the web series that are being made these days. Social media is dominating the lives of all of us in today’s time, whether it is in small villages to towns and cities, everyone has become occupied with social media. This series also helps in spreading awareness. Whatever happens around us right now the series highlights just that,” he says.

 Talking about his role in the project, the actor shares that when he read the script for the first time, he noticed that the character is a Rajasthani. “I am from Bihar, so I thought playing someone like him would be fun. I had to work hard on the accent. He is a father, who does odd jobs to earn a livelihood, and does not know what his children are doing behind his backs on social media. Their character has its own shades and range. As a man and a father he wants to raise his children in the right way. The character has its innocence and there is a social message too,” he adds.

 Jaihind says that working with Siddharth Kumar Tewary and One Life Studios are the best things that could have happened. “Siddharth Kumar Tewary is professional and knows how to get the best out of his actors. He is a visionary. It was fun working with him. I learnt so much while shooting this series,” he ends.

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