Is vegan leather 100% environment friendly? – Saahil Nandrajog shares his opinion

Is vegan leather 100% environment friendly? – Saahil Nandrajog shares his opinion

The luxury fashion house, Tiger Marrón, specialises in leather fashion accessories and home accessories. As a progressive thinking, inclusive brand, they have extended their beautifully inculcated artisanal designs of leather accessories to be made in vegan leather. As the CEO, who has made a conscious shift to vegan products and vegan alternatives to leather, Saahil Tiger Nandrajog first explains what the term ‘vegan’ really means when it comes to making leather products. 

A vegan product is something that is the outcome of a series of sustainably driven processes. This means from the methods of production and procurement of raw material to finishes and dyes, every single thing must be environmentally positive. A product that was not made by harming the environment or any species. However, as we all know, brands often cut corners and use the term loosely as a marketing gimmick. 

Nandrajog adds, “The Indian consumer is excited about being future-conscious, of augmenting their reality and their society. They are more research-oriented in 2022 and like to know the origin of their purchase – where their bags come from, how a piece of clothing is made, and so on.” Transparent brands that emphasize customer education will find it easier to change mindsets and secure customers. 

It’s hard to say if this will be a complete wave or a wave that fragments consumers into people who are only vegan oriented and people who prefer conventional products. But there is a strong movement toward environmentally positive manufacturing and consumption in India. 

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