Industry frat divided on televising Depp-Heard hearing, satisfied with verdict

Industry frat divided on televising Depp-Heard hearing, satisfied with verdict

Industry frat divided on televising the Depp-Heard hearing, satisfied with the verdict

Jyothi Venkatesh

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard hearings have gained popularity over the course of the last few weeks and Depp have finally succeeded in winning the defamation case.

Manish Naggdev

Oh yes! It’s a great win. And I loved the verdict. I was following the case and it was really great to televise the proceedings. This should happen in India as well. I have a lot of friends and their families who are fighting every day in the courts for false blames and divorces. I know good men out there who are suffering because of their goodness. Lastly, I would thank Depp for coming out openly and motivating other men who are scared to open up in front of courts.

Sagar Parekh

Yes, I did follow it and definitely, I’m very satisfied with the verdict. Also, I support the format of televising the proceedings. It makes it even more transparent and definitely, it should be done in India too so that the people get to decide who is right and who is wrong. Nothing can be as transparent as this seems. It should be done in India so that every case is quite transparent. It helps to get justice to the right person. 

Anuj Sachdeva 

Firstly, everything I know about the Johnny Depp Amber Heard case I know against my will. I haven’t been able to escape the constant bombardment of the trial on our social media feeds. But having said that I am not here to take sides. The jury knows best what it’s decided but all I can say is I have never been in favour of making your personal life public. What two people have in a marriage is theirs to seek. Washing dirty laundry in public is not something I adhere to. But that’s just my opinion and I don’t want to discourage anyone who wants to come out and speak up. But that does not mean that if a woman is physically abused or verbally tortured she shouldn’t speak up. She of course should. Also, if a man is wrongly accused, and made to be the perpetrator he should speak up too. But then let’s showcase the case that way. Making a public embarrassment of yourself, televising the proceedings and memefication of the whole saga is a bit too much in my opinion. 

Sunidee Chauhan

Yes I saw in the news. No I didn’t follow the proceedings going on as I am busy shooting. Just hearing a lot about it now. I don’t support these things to be advertised publicly but since this case was already in the limelight so whatever happens in the case will be taken in the media and people are so eager to know the result of this long lasting case. In India, I haven’t heard of anything yet but since divorces are happening right now in our industry, this will eventually be one thing which will be adapted here also in such cases. Being a celebrity we are always prone to attract attention and our fans are so desperate to know our personal life.

Chitra Vakil Sharma

Yes I did follow the proceedings. Firstly because of my personal interest considering Johnny & Amber are both well known celebrities. Secondly because of the core problem it addressed- a man fighting against defamation by a woman, which is a rare thing to see. And that is precisely why I am also satisfied with the verdict. The uncommon truth prevailed. I am not in support of televising cases. Although the common people get to learn about the case in-depth & the facts are directly passed on to the public, both the parties’ privacies are intruded. People can be biased towards a particular party, create a social media stir & maybe even affect the verdict. People may also develop a negative mindset towards a party which may affect that party’s future endeavours.

Charrul Malik 

Actually the Johnny Depp and Amber case is very old which has gained popularity because the case came up and it became like a big media trial. I think Johnny and Amber both have been very successful as actors and have been highly popular. Myself being educated as a lawyer I do understand the differences between the legal system in India v/s the legal process followed in the USA. The Indian legal system has already abolished the Jury system a few decades back. However I could not follow the case much in depth but I did understand that  Amber Heard was ordered to pay damages worth $15 million  but  at the same time Johnny Depp was ordered to pay $2 million in countersuit. I think these are very private affairs which could be between 4 walls, so I think it shouldn’t be sensationalized and Televised and publicly exhibited.

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