“I had always envisioned myself playing a cop one day” says Savi Thakur as Amar Vidrohi in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir

“I had always envisioned myself playing a cop one day” says Savi Thakur as Amar Vidrohi in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir

1. How does it feel to be associated with Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir?

It feels great to be a part of such an interesting story. The audience already loves it and I came to realize this when I started shooting. Earlier I was aware that people love it but now that I am a part of it, the magnitude of love was a surprise! Since the news came out, I was bombarded with fan emails and messages asking when I am joining the show. Some of them were straight-up asking If Haseena and I will be lovers. They were eagerly looking forward to my entry and I am grateful for all this love.

2. What should the audience look forward to with your character’s entry on the show?

Amar Vidrohi is a positive guy. He respects women. He is a blend of serious and funny at the right times. One can play around with this character a lot. I am aware that the audience is speculating a lot. I am keeping up with the gossip around the character. I just want to  say that with, Amar you will have to give him some  time and I assure you, he is going to entertain you to the core. 

3. How has your experience been shooting with the cast of Maddam Sir?

When the producers narrated the character to me, I knew this character would only build and grow with the show and win hearts as the show progresses. The character develops with the episode and the storyline so I am excited for all the surprises the audience will get. 

4. How did you prepare for the role of SHO Amar Vidrohi?

I had always envisioned myself playing a cop one day. I knew I wanted to tick it off from my bucket list. So, once I received the script, I would practice playing the character in my room. I wanted to be a good fit and I have worked very hard to make Amar’s character stand out. I picked all my nuances that could match a cop’s and I hope it my persistence reflects on screen. 

5. Tell us something about your character. Are there any similarities between Savi and Amar?

Of course, yes! There are similarities and if I had to highlight, I would say both Savi and Amar respect people for who they are and are grateful to whatever fate has offered them. Given I am very disciplined in real life, I slid into the soul of this character with ease. However, playing a cop was new and I just say, it is very exciting. So, the mannerisms of a cop and the right tone did take some practice. 

6. Maddam Sir just completed 500 episodes. What do you think sets Maddam Sir apart from the other shows on TV?

The show is all about women empowerment, and it carries that message in every track and that is the main USP of the show, setting them apart from the rest. It teaches you lessons while tickling your funny bone. To me, it’s the perfect combination! I am confident that this show will continue to uplift women and make them feel confident in making decisions for themselves.

7. What can the audience expect from the banter between Haseena and Amar?

That is an interesting question. For now, I can only say that their rivalry is going to be fun and light-hearted. Not to forget that they both are S.H.O, so neither will have an edge over the other. I believe that will just add more fun. 

8. How does it feel to don the prestigious police vardi?

Adorning the uniform made me immensely happy. It took me back to the memories of my 10th standard when I wanted to join the Indian army. I loved every second of it. I understand and truly value the importance of the vardi as I come from an army background. In fact, my favorite cousin is a major in the Indian army. I have been closely connected to that atmosphere. Hence, it was an emotional moment when I tried on the uniform for the first time. 

9. Any message for your fans?

Our fans have already showered their love consistently. If we have been able to complete 500 episodes, it’s only because you were loyal to the show. So, I urge you to give the same love to Amar’s character as well. We all work hard to keep you entertained and glued to the screen, we wish to take this show to 2000 episodes and more and I am confident that our audience will support us. 

Watch Maddam Sir from Mon-Fri, 10:30 pm onwards on Sony SAB

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