Gucci-Adidas sun umbrella debate: Celebs on the low-on-utility expensive things they’ve invested in

Gucci-Adidas sun umbrella debate: Celebs on the low-on-utility expensive things they’ve invested in

Luxury fashion brands Gucci and Adida, a high-end sportswear brand, are presently in news for their latest collaboration. It is a sun umbrella that is not waterproof, something that they are selling in China. As soon as the product details and the price went viral, the duo has been facing flakes because this parasol is worth $1,644 (11,100 yuan), which is over a lakh in Indian currency. Well, this sort of reminds many of us about that one high-priced product or designer item that we must have bought and later realized that it is of no use. Celebrities share their opinion on wasteful shopping and if they had any similar experiences:

Somy Ali
It amazes me how many lives can be saved rather than spending money on this umbrella or anything exorbitant. After one runs a charity your mindset changes and you appreciate the smaller things in life. Yes, when I was in the film industry, I bought things that were expensive and didn’t really need them. But, I was much younger and oblivious to the day-to-day hardships people face. Now after 15 years of running NMT, my entire thought process has changed. I am not a saint and have done my share of wasteful shopping, but not anymore. I appreciate how hard one has to work to put food on the table for their family. There has to be a balance in life. If one is blessed it is their duty to give back to those who are in need. As humans we are born selfish, but we have to set limits to our selfishness and learn to care for those who aren’t as fortunate as us.

Vaishnavi Ganatra
Fashion for me means something simple that makes you feel confident. It’s not about the price or the brand. It is about the comfort, the fit, the look, and most importantly- how you carry it. I own a few designer products which obviously, have been really expensive but I haven’t ever invested in a branded item that turned out to be completely useless. Yes, I do believe that sometimes brands go overboard with the products that they are launching. Those products have no purpose and just hold brand value. People buy them just because of the brand name and standard. A sense of accomplishment is another reason why some people buy luxury goods. They are associated with strong social-adjustive attitudes because consumers use such brands to gain social approval. People go in for expensive products just so that they do not feel out of place, however lame or useless those products are. I don’t believe in doing so. Invest in what you think is going to provide well. Buy what you think is fulfilling your needs. Having a brand tag on top of whatever you buy is simply not necessary. Say, for example, you need a handbag in which all of your essentials can fit in. The branded one has only one compartment and you know all the stuff won’t fit in it but the simpler one has 2-3 compartments; what would you buy? People think of status and jump onto the branded handbag even though their needs aren’t being fulfilled, which isn’t right. That’s the point. You should buy what you need. It’s not like I don’t buy designer stuff, I definitely do, but when it provides for something. Whatever you purchase should be worth the hard-earned money that you have invested. Otherwise, what really matters is how you carry whatever you’ve bought. It isn’t always necessary that branded products are useful and non-branded ones aren’t. There are obviously a lot of designer products that are useful too, they provide good quality and sustainability. There are pros and cons, it is important to know where, when and in what to invest.

Anuj Sachdeva
I believe buying anything designer or higher market products is not a good deal unless they are useful. The umbrellas we are talking about are really not much of any use. It is more of a social status, to prove that you have a lot of money or for social status that you carry it in your hand and people would talk about it. It really does not prove anything. The same product which is useful and lasts longer is made by local brands. They are of good quality too. If that is there then why opt for a designer stuff for such things. Personally, I would not go for such designer wear or products until and unless I get through a deal or some barter system or anything which has a discount or offer going on. Before I go to buy anything that is luxurious I keep in mind that I buy something which is of some use. I feel such things don’t prove anything in the longer run.

Ginnie Virdi
I’m not very brand conscious. I buy things which I like, be it brand or not. So it’s a waste of money to buy this umbrella by Gucci-Adidas. I think that money can rather be used well somewhere else.

Chitra Vakil Sharma
I bought designer bags and shoes. But I don’t waste money at all. Whenever I have got something I make sure it is of some use to me. I would rather donate than waste money.

Nivedita Basu
I’m quite practical. I don’t go crazy with brands even when it comes to clothes, and accessories. Having a good shoe or a bag is the maximum I have got myself. I’m not too crazy about brands so I don’t pick up stuff that I will not use. I’m safe that way. But one of the craziest things which I have done is probably buy a treadmill or a cycle which you keep at home for work out, but unfortunately, I never get time. So the treadmill and cycle has become a cloth rack (laughs).

Ayush Anand
I have never been a shopaholic, so I don’t buy anything which is of no use to me. I have a very limited collection of shoes, clothes, and accessories as I have to pile up things in my wardrobe since childhood. My interests are a little different. Though this umbrella incident is very amusing, I believe these brands do such things just to be in the news.

Sunidee Chauhan
I don’t see any sense in wasting money on fancy umbrellas just for fashion. Money should be spent wisely. Companies manufacture bizarre products sometimes which are beyond understanding. Moreover this doesn’t solve the very purpose of an umbrella which is protection from rain.

Balraj Syal
I have never run after fashion till date. The way I have earned things, I do not feel like wasting my money in fashion. I spend money on clothes I need. This is also a new thing to see that there is an umbrella worth a lakh which is not waterproof. I think in no time the closets for umbrellas will be ready for sale. I do not waste money on fashion. Is it stupid or silly or crazy? I do not know what I can say. Don’t know what other things will happen in the name of fashion. These lakhs of rupees are being spent on umbrellas, it would have been better if they had been spent to help someone. We are no one, it is necessary to become rich before becoming a philosopher who says something. There is a saying in Hindi that water gets filled in the mind, this umbrella is also the same, if you take it out, water will fill your head. I just have a question: if it is not waterproof then does it get spoiled by getting wet? I just want to understand (laughs).

Aditya Deshmukh
Recently, I heard that Gucci and Adidas have designed a new umbrella which costs more than a lakh. The umbrella is not even waterproof. There is a lot of R&D that they do, yet they came up with this? Of course Gucci and Adidas have a different clientele, but still. They are high-end brands and are mostly over-priced. Brands like Louis Vuitton have bags and belts that cost something around 3 to 4 lakhs. I have bought a crocodile leather bag from Louis Vuitton. It is not of much use to me. It’s a sling bag, I carry it mostly when I am on a vacation. People who are brand freaks go after such brands. I do love such brands too not because they are high-end but because there is a lot of effort involved in making them and they often last long. I have also bought a lot of stuff which is kept and I don’t use them much. I feel I shouldn’t have paid that much, rather I could have saved the money. Everyone has their own thought process and sometimes it’s ok to be brand conscious. You can’t put a gun on someone and tell them not to buy something. Talking about this umbrella, if someone wants to buy it, it’s their choice. Let them do what they want to…, jiyo aur jeene do. Those who are loyal to different brands will always buy things from them, whether those items are of use or not.

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