‘Escaype Live’ takes you on the behind-the-camera journey of social media

‘Escaype Live’ takes you on the behind-the-camera journey of social media

‘Escaype Live’ takes you on the behind-the-camera journey of social media 

Jyothi Venkatesh

When the world was hit by the Coronavirus, it was struck by another pandemic called social media. Well, it was always there but it became more prevalent during that time. And it was almost the perfect time for Instagram to start the reels feature because everyone was making it by the second day of its launch. It was also the same time when the words influencers and content creators became more widely used. Speaking of content creators and influencers, have you watched Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s new web series “Escaype Live” yet? The series captures not just the social media world, but also what goes behind the perfect shots that we see on the platform. 

The series begins in the deserts of Rajasthan where a truck is moving at a fast speed. Once it comes to a halt, someone starts the Escaype Live app, a talent app on social media, from Dance Rani’s profile and it was just a matter of time before people started commenting on what she is going to do today. But they are left shocked, worried, and even happy seeing her locked in the trunk when a man pulls her out. This scene was enough to show that someone who is not even a teenager can have a gazillion followers and thus the obsession. In the very first episode, we also learn that Escaype Live has started a contest where the users can win Rs. 3 crore by showcasing their talent obviously and getting more and more diamonds from the viewers. 

The series then takes the audience on the journey of five potential winners of the competition each with a story of their own. We see Darkie, an eccentric, vulnerable character, with a troubled childhood. Then there is Fetish Girl, whose real name is Hina, who has her own fan-base for the raunchy content that she creates. She too has a story and a reason for doing what she is doing. We have Dance Rani, who hails from a small village in Rajasthan and feels that performing on item numbers can be her jackpot to become a dancer so much so that she goes against her parents. There is Aamcha Spider who entertains the audience with his daredevil stunts but loses all hopes of winning the Escaype Live competition after a terrible accident. And last, there is Meena Kumari, a woman at heart in a man’s body who is a beautiful singer but faces the backlash of society when the truth comes out.

Escaype Live has brought social media issues out in the open. Social media is a boon as well as a bane accessible to everyone irrespective of the social strata in society. The series depicts the harsh realities and aspirations which are a part of New India which is undergoing a revolution in its own way. All the nine episodes are streaming on Hotstar and audiences are loving the series. 

Here’s to heralding a new voice in storytelling that is unafraid to tell stories as they are. A must watch series that uncovers the truth of social media in today’s time in its most harsh reality.

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