Charrul Malik: My fashion mantra for summer is to wear light fabrics, easy-breezy, comfortable clothes so that my skin can breathe

Charrul Malik: My fashion mantra for summer is to wear light fabrics, easy-breezy, comfortable clothes so that my skin can breathe

With temperatures rising this summer, it isn’t easy to stay fashionable and cool all the time. Charrul Malik, however, is all prepared to beat the heat. The anchor turned actor shares her beauty regime for the season, and also shares that she is monsoon ready as well.

“This summer is no doubt one of the hottest. Therefore, my fashion mantra is to wear cotton, light fabrics, easy-breezy clothes and comfortable ones where your skin can breathe. Wear light colours and pastel shades, so you can go for a midi, a nice a-line skirt or a short skirt that is not very hugging. Even if you are wearing jeans, wear light fabric. I believe in wearing nice and cool summer dresses. You should avoid dark colours and synthetic fabrics. I recently bought two summer hats and two caps matching with my dresses,” she says.

Talking about updating her wardrobe for the upcoming monsoon, Charrul shares that since she did some shopping during the pandemic, she has a lot of clothes that are still unused.

“Those are clothes that can be worn on rainy days. I prefer wearing capris and shorts in all bright hues during the season. I want to buy monsoon shoes as well. I will go for normal chappals and avoid wearing shoes and high heels. I will opt for super quick dry stuff. Some nice offers and discounts are on. But I don’t shop till I drop. For me, less is good. I focus on quality,” she adds.

Mumbai monsoons are crazy. “As I said I need to buy shoes this time. Colours matter to me and in everything of mine you would see some floral touch and bright hues. You should avoid leather in monsoons. So I mostly go for flip flops and shoes that easily get dry,” she shares.

Talking about her skincare regime during the monsoons, Charrul says that sunscreen is a must.

“I have added mist spray in my routine. Also, my skin specialist Dr. Rashmi Shetty sent me a whole kit of the brand Solskin and I am sticking to those products and they are perfect for monsoons too. Vitamin  face serum is one of my favourites and I don’t forget to apply a lot of sunscreen even if it’s not sunny and raining . I have added skin supplements like Skin bright and Skin Hydrate. It’s a must for each one of us. I prefer natural and organic products,” she says.

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