Arun Mandola: When it comes to clothes, there are fewer options in the summers

Arun Mandola: When it comes to clothes, there are fewer options in the summers

Arun Mandola: When it comes to clothes, there are fewer options in the summers

Jyothi Venkatesh
No dark clothes, no bright colours, nothing synthetic, actor Arun Mandola says that the summers have really made this rack his brains on what to wear.
“This is the first time that I am not wearing black colour clothes or any bright or even dark colours because it is too hot outside. I am making sure light-coloured clothes for the summer,” he says, adding, “Recently, I brought these really light fabric outfits to my wardrobe.”
The actor adds that it’s important to be careful while buying clothes in summer. “It’s difficult to maintain a good summer collection of clothes because you have fewer options, as compared to winter. You have to choose very wisely. Apart from that, I have long hair and it becomes more challenging to maintain hair in summer or monsoon. So, this time I chose Goa type of clothes for my wardrobe,” he says.
Mumbai monsoons are crazy, in terms of footwear, and talking about what he is buying this year, Arun says, “I don’t use shoes in this monsoon. I use simple slippers when I go outside, shoes make me uncomfortable in the monsoon. I love to enjoy the rainwater and love it when it touches my feet. It makes me nostalgic.”
Talking about his monsoon skincare regime, he adds, “I have a very simple skincare regime. I have been using toner and cleanser for my skin. Apart from that, I am much more focused on my diet and my workout during the monsoon.”

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