Introducing our First Finalist of Perfect Mrs India 2022 – Shalini Gupta

It is all up to a woman to decide what her true peace and happiness is – Shalini Gupta

I Believe “Life is a journey and it’s about growing and changing and coming to terms with whom and what you are and loving who and what you are.

– Kelly McGillis

Life in itself is beautiful indeed, it can be tough, and confusing with full of ups and downs, highs and lows, and, joy and sorrows. But once we continue the process of learning to move forward in its journey, there is no looking back as such, we must accept it gracefully.

Now, if I talk about my life journey, I was born in an educated and cultured family and grew up as a loving daughter of Mrs. Kanta Gupta and  Mr. Ratan Gupta, who very well taught me to be self-dependent in life.

The persona in my possession is highly influenced by my education and my mentors. When my friends were listening to  jagjit Singh in love I was deep in searching pearls of wisdom studying day and night.   I am Post-graduated in Science and Education. I have always been motivated to pursue the goals in my life. Being born in Punjab and exposure to its literature, culture, and history have influenced me spiritually.

‘Life est belle’ as said in French means the Life is beautiful but it can never be an easy task, there are no shortcuts, and it demands your hard work and dedication to make you stand out. There should be principles, discipline, and mottos in everyone’s life that an individual must follow. Mine is “Never giving up” and these mottos not only make you confident but also make you believe in yourself.

Now, coming to the time when I got married, it happened so soon. I had just completed my education and worked for a very short-term. Just after that got married in a business family. It came to me as a challenge to adapt myself in such a young age. My marriage was a major turning point of my life and I am sure it is for every girl.

I hated calling myself a housewife but as mentioned above, I accepted it gradually. I decided to prioritize my duties not just only as a wife but also as a daughter-in-law, a mother of my first beautiful daughter Ananya and now just love calling myself a home minister, a better way of putting it? I know right!

I still don’t like the housewife tag by the way. But that wasn’t it; my conscious always pricks me to do something. So, I pursued my further studies in ‘Fashion Designing’ with the aim to start my own label but somehow it could not work out because  of financial crisis my husband had to wind up his business and  we shifted  to my in-laws place..And second reason I was expecting  a baby and blessed with second daughter Pari and my priority shifted to look after her..

I was still not satisfied with my present condition, I always knew, I have it in me to do more rather to just sitting at home seeing my girls growing up. I then decided to join B.Ed. College as a principle and finally something that gave me what I wanted. I gained a lot of respect.

Lastly, I’d just like to say that “Zindagi woh nahi jo aapko sirf  khana or aisho aram de par woh hai jo aapko sukoon se jeene ka ek sahi raasta dikhayae.” It is all up to a woman to decide what her true peace and happiness is. Going through in this journey of life being even in my forties, I still possess the hunger to learn and achieve more, I am always on the path of learning.

As it is said “Where there is a will there is a way.” So, never settle in life until you get what you deserve. Destiny gave me a chance to participate in “Perfect Mrs India” season 5 2022. In this stage of life, I am enjoying my spiritual journey, I do yoga, meditation, and healing and love towards it keep growing day by day. For me, life is an art, one must colour it with its own paintbrush and favourite colours instead of giving the authority to others for colouring our life

Life is never smooth it has bumps and you have to learn how to navigate through them with a positive attitude. Just enjoy every moment, don’t limit yourself and go with the flow.

–              By Shalini Gupta

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