Suniel Shetty’s trains his trainer to cheat/please wife with an ice cream date

Suniel Shetty’s trains his trainer to cheat/please wife with an ice cream date

Suniel Shetty is a popular Bollywood actor also known for his entrepreneurial interests and strategic investments in select start-ups like FITTR, founded by Jitendra Chouksey, who is the CEO & Founder of the Fit-Tech virtual platform. He is extremely particular about his diet, exercise regime and overall fitness since his youth. His passion and rigour have only grown with time and he is one of the fittest 60 year old around.

Instagram post goes viral:

  • Suniel posted a cute cheat day picture when he missed the gym to spend some quality time with his long-time lady love Mana Shetty
  • Suniel and Mana have been one of Bollywood’s most non-controversial real love stories
  • Married for over 3 decades, these two still dot on each other like teenage sweethearts 😊
  • An interesting aspect of the post was the fact that Suniel playfully teased his trainer for this unplanned cheat day
  • Instagram post 
  • Trained by one of India’s leading celebrity / elite coach Bala Dabbedi, Co-Founder at Fittr & INFS, Suniel has time and again thanked Bala for his current form
  • Suneil Shetty has been vocal about his fitness focus for long and his recent Anti-tobacco tweet also went viral and gained fan love and admiration

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