IMDb breaks down for you some unusual facts from the ‘80s classic: Watch this video before you watch Top Gun: Maverick

IMDb breaks down for you some unusual facts from the ‘80s classic: Watch this video before you watch Top Gun: Maverick

How expensive was Top Gun‘ to make? How many times did “Take My Breath Away” play? And what’s with all that unnecessary flexing during the volleyball game? ‘By the Numbers’ exclusively on IMDb, breaks down all the statistics one needs to know of the original ’80s classic Top Gun.

  • The longest wait…… of 36 Years

The sequel Top Gun: Maverick has been made after 36 years. Yep, that’s right! Finally, after 3 decades, the fans will once again take a dive into the world of aviators, missiles and fighter jets.

  • Can’t get enough of Tom ‘Maverick’ Cruise

The sequel has 800 hours of footage. The saying ‘more the merrier’ certainly applies here, doesn’t it? After all who wouldn’t want more of Tom Cruise doing action scenes?

  • The box office went Ka-Ching!!!

Despite a budget of only $15 million, the global box office collection of Top Gun was $357 million. You read that right!  Top Gun was the highest-grossing film in 1986!

  • The OG Influencer! 

The sales of Aviator sunglasses went up by 40%. The franchise wasn’t the only one profiting from this film. Following the release of Top Gun, Aviators were the new ‘cool’, causing the sales of the sunglasses to skyrocket.  

  • Director Tony Scott was fired 3 times 

The production of this movie wasn’t as smooth as one would expect. Director Tony Scott was fired thrice over production and budget disputes.

  • But Scott even spent $25,000 from his own pocket 

The production wasn’t the only one shelling out the dollars! Director Tony Scott invested $25,000 of his own money while making this movie.

  • The F14 Jet fuel cost could finance another indie film

All those thrilling jet shots definitely came at a considerable cost with the production shelling out $7,800 per hour for the F14 Jet fuel. It did pay off in the end though, didn’t it?

  • Even the soundtracks were award-winners creating a cult following

This 9-time platinum winner ‘Danger Zone’ by Kenny Loggins gave everyone GOOSE-bumps, and Berlin’s romantic number ‘Take My Breath Away’ won not just a Golden Globe, but an Oscar too. 

  • All that romance!

The amount of PDA between Maverick and Charlie left even the audience feeling like the third wheel! With 9 kiss scenes, this film is packed with some swooning and sizzle. 

  • Lots and lots of flying

The movie had 21 jet exhaust shots, 28 plane side shots and 16 mid-air missile lock shots. Even if you aren’t a fighter pilot, you surely get to imagine the thrill of being one in this film

So, after reading this, do you feel the need? The need for speed? We definitely do!

Watch the entire video here – 

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