Giorgia Andriani Shares A Paw-fect Wish For Her Floofy Ball Of Happiness- Hugo! Read now

Giorgia Andriani Shares A Paw-fect Wish For Her Floofy Ball Of Happiness- Hugo! Read now

It is a celebration week for Giorgia Andriani as she celebrated her and her little ball of fur, Hugo’s, birthday this week. Giorgia Andriani’s Hugo, who is no less regal than his name, celebrated his 3rd birthday in the most paw-dorable way. On expressing her emotions about Hugo turning a year older, the actress says, “When I first got him home, he was the most adorable little pup. He was about the size of my palms, and he was a little apprehensive at first, but after I had him in my arms, he instantly fell asleep. I will never forget our first night home. Hugo is very dear to me; he’s the only one who understands me even if I don’t utter a word “

It’s hard to think of celebrity pets without thinking of Giorgia Andriani’s little furry friend, Hugo! As we all know, Giorgia shares a close bond with her fluffy friend, Hugo and the actress often keeps posting pictures of him on her social media. And for his birthday, Giorgia and Hugo’s little brother, Dolce, celebrated by having a small party at their home. From getting a specialised pet-friendly cake (we can surely see Hugo drooling for it) to grooming her furry-pals and wearing birthday caps, Giorgia enjoyed every bit of the celebration. The actor shared these cute moments on her social media and also captioned the pictures, saying, “Sometimes we’re cute, just to disorient people 


Happy bday my cupcake Hugo.” Hugo and Giorgia’s admirers filled the comments, wishing Hugo a happy birthday.

We wish her floofy ball of happiness a paw-fect birthday!

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