Woh Toh Hai Albelaa’s Vivacious actress Vaishnavi Ganatra shares her fashion mantra during summer, and for the upcoming monsoon

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa’s Vivacious actress Vaishnavi Ganatra shares her fashion mantra during summer, and for the upcoming monsoon

Staying cool and fashionable in this sweltering heat is no mean task. You need to put in extra effort to look right. Woh Toh Hai Albelaa’s vivacious actor Vaishnavi Ganatra shares her fashion mantra to beat the heat.

“I prefer air-conditioned environments during times like these. Even if I am travelling from my home to the set, I travel by car because this scorching heat is unbearable. I love wearing cotton dresses and simple shorts and tees. I step out in a casual and comfy look. Cotton and linen are the best fabric to wear in summer and I would not step out of my house without my sunscreen, perfume, lip balm and glares! Also, comfy footwear is key,” she says.

She has bought a lot of shorts and summer dresses for the summer this year. “Summers are so hot out here in Mumbai that wearing jeans and being fully clothed is just not possible! I bought a lot of cute cotton shorts and dresses too,” she adds.

After the scorching summer, the monsoon is the next season. And, Vaishnavi shares that she is prepared for that too.

“We all are familiar with the fact that clothes take forever to dry during the monsoon season. I have decided to wear fabrics like chiffons and cotton as they are not only comfortable and light but can be dried easily too, making them monsoon must-haves. Moreover, I prefer loose attires like palazzos and midi-dresses as they give my overall outfit a quite unique look. My go-to fashion mantra for monsoons is to wear something cute, comfortable and colourful. Also, I plan on always keeping an umbrella with me as well as a scarf so that it protects my hair at all times,” she says.

Ask if she is shopping a lot this time, since for the last two monsoons we have been stuck at home due to the pandemic and Vaishnavi replies, “Not really. Even during the pandemic, there were options for online shopping. It’s not like I haven’t shopped at all during the pandemic, I have. Although, I do plan on buying a few new pairs of clothing and some cool outfits.”

Mumbai monsoons are crazy. So, not just clothes one needs to be ready with the right footwear as well.

Talking about it, the actor adds, “Sliders, for sure! I plan on buying new shoes and going out to flaunt them, but not at all during the monsoon. Monsoons in Mumbai are a roller-coaster ride, it may pour anytime, at any moment. And when it does, there’s no looking back. I don’t ever plan on buying new footwear and leaving the house during the monsoon. I feel sliders or flip-flops are the best options! Easy to clean, easy to dry, and really cute, of course,” she adds.

The skincare regime also changes during the monsoon. “Monsoon is the time when your skin gets sticky because of humidity and attracts a lot of dirt and grime. That can clog pores. So I always wash my face twice a day. Moisturising is very important too. One thing I learned recently is that I should not miss applying sunscreen during the monsoon. Even though the sun can’t be seen among the clouds, harmful rays are present. Applying sunscreen is a must and I have added that to my routine this year. Being an actor, makeup is something that I have to put on every day, may it be monsoon, summer or winter. The first cardinal rule of makeup during the rainy season is that it’s humid and sticky outside, so the more products you put on your face, no matter how matte they are, they will melt and smudge. Less is more. I use lesser products with thinner consistencies rather than multiple products. And never forget to clean my face afterwards. This routine keeps my skin fresh and glowing in the monsoon season too,” she ends.

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