Star Plus’ Banni becomes Annapurna for Anupamaa’s Shah Parivaar

Star Plus’ Banni becomes Annapurna for Anupamaa’s Shah Parivaar

Star Plus’ show Banni Chow Home Delivery has a unique concept. The show is about a girl named ‘Banni,’ who runs a food delivery service and prepares home-cooked meals for people who have moved to the city in search of a steady income but miss their family’s cooking. Ulka aka Banni’s role is very special as she serves food with her love and care.

Taking her love and care one step ahead, Banni goes to Shah parivaar as we know that Anupama has gone to her in-laws place. Banni goes there to fill Anupama’s absence as the Shah parivaar miss Anupama’s home cooked food and her warmth and concern. Banni’s delicious home-made food with her sweet and expressive personality won the hearts of Shah Parivaar. The loneliness that the family is facing was filled by Banni’s charisma and warmth which made the whole family delighted.

The emotional atmosphere of Shah Parivaar was quickie filled by Banni’s aura.

This storyline has grabbed many eyeballs and the fans are extremely excited for this grand integration. They are awaiting the promo more than ever now.

These integrations generally form a good bond between actors very often and receive amazing experiences. Alpana who plays the role of Leela Baa in Anupama had something very meaningful to say about this. She said,”Jesa Meetha Khaana banati hai wese hi meethi hai ye ladki.

Ulka Gupta aka Banni had something very amazing to say on the same lines as Baa. She said that “This was one of a kind. Everybody was very jolly and very down to earth. No wonder why this serial is so good and loved so much. Niddhi who is playing as Kinjal and Paras who is portraying the role of Samar. We are of the same age group so that’s why we were vibing so well. In fact, even I and Leela had so many things in common. We were having a lot of fun. It didn’t even take me 5 minutes to gel with them. Now I know why this show is loved so much because the cast, their vibe and nature is so good. It was lovely working with them.

The fans are definitely looking forward to this integration and their excitement levels are on cloud nine.

Don’t forget to watch both the shows from Monday to Saturday. Our Soon to be favorite ‘Banni Chow Home Delivery’ from 30th May 2022 at 9PM and Anupamaa from 10PM on Star Plus.

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