Happu Singh Bana Happi Jaan!

Happu Singh Bana Happi Jaan!

&TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan never fails to entertain its audience with humorous and enjoyable tracks. Every time we see the characters landing themselves into amusing situations, making for a hearty laugh for the audience. So, get ready to experience hilarity at its best as Yogesh Tripathi (Daroga Happu Singh) turns into an entertaining courtesan, sabke dilon ki Jaan, Happi JaanSo, as it goes, in a mission to arrest a gangster named JK, Daroga Happu Singh disguises himself as a beautiful and charming courtesan, Jiske Ek Ada Par Hoga Pura Mohalla Nyochavar!

Sharing details about this fun transformation, Yogesh Tripathi, aka Daroga Happu Singh, aka Happi Jaan, says, “I have received immense love and appreciation for Daroga Happu Singh’s character. And it has always been our endeavour to entertain our audience with hilarious tracks and roles that can tickle their funny bones. When I first read the script, my first thought was how I would portray the elegance of a woman? It is never easy to essay a woman’s role as a male artist. It involves a lot of preparation, from voice modulation to makeup, costume, expressions, and mannerisms. Undoubtedly it is most underrated and a long-drawn process involving hours of rehearsals in the outfit, makeup, and dialogues. It took me more than three hours to get into the character. Everything needs to be perfect to get that charm and oomph factor right! And I must say I enjoyed the entire process thoroughly. When the script of Happi Jaan was narrated to me, it got me quite excited and equally nervous, especially on the look. It should not be over the top yet subdued and feminine. I was amazed at the transformation and thought I could easily pass off as a beautiful woman (laughs). Himani Ji was blown away when she first saw me. Kamna, too, was in complete awe. I am sure our viewers will be surprised, and I am excited to see how they react to Happu Singh turning to Happi Jaan!.”

“I am a huge Bollywood fan who grew up seeing Meena Kumari, Madhuri Dixit and Rekhaji portraying iconic, charming, and memorable courtesan roles on screen so beautifully and elegantly. I took some inspiration from their characters and watched many of their songs and scenes to get the right move and expression for my performance as the courtesan, Happi Jaan,” concludes Yogesh.

Don’t miss out on ‘Happu Singh Bana Happi Jaan’ from May 30th till June 3rd on &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan at 10:00 pm, every Monday to Friday!

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